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Tuesday Tips: How To Personalize Your Movie With Your Own Music

We’ve put together a quick guide with everything you need to know about uploading your own music.

At Magisto, our team of music specialists has handpicked a library of great songs to fit each of our editing styles. They’ve included a mix of moods and musical genres, but we understand that sometimes when you create a movie you’ve got a very specific artist or song you’d like to use. That’s why we give you the option to upload your own music!

We’ve put together a quick guide with everything you need to know about uploading your own music. Check it out and, if you have any questions, feel free to contact our support team or reach out on Facebook or Twitter.

How do I upload my own tracks?

Uploading your own music in Magisto is easy. If you’re on the web, when it’s time to choose your soundtrack, simply click on the “Upload your music” link at the top left of the selector. This will open up the file browser on your computer and you can select the file you’d like to use.


On Android and iOS, you’ll find the option to “Choose from my music” if you scroll down past all the songs in our library.


Why isn’t my music showing up?

Note that in order to select music on Android or iOS it must be stored on your device. If music is stored in the cloud we will not be able to access it. If music is not showing up this is the most likely culprit – make sure the track is downloaded to your device and try again.

If the music is downloaded to your device but still isn’t showing up, it could be that it’s in the wrong location on your device or an incompatible file type. On iOS devices, music is uploaded via iTunes. On Android, we support all of the file types that Android supports normally – click here for a full list.

Finally, songs must be at least 10 seconds in order for us to upload them, as we want to make sure your song lasts for the full duration of your movie.

How is my music used?

When you create a movie with your own music, we will start the song from the beginning and fade it out when your movie ends. Note that currently the longest a Magisto movie will be is 75 seconds for free users and two and a half minutes for premium users. If your song is longer than this, it will be cut off. We match the song to the length of the movie, rather than creating a movie that is the length of your song.

A note on copyright

The music in our library is licensed for use on Magisto. When you use your own music, you are responsible for making sure you have the rights to use the music you are uploading. Note that purchasing a movie through iTunes or Google Play does not grant you permission to use music in videos or other media.

Do you have any examples of movies from users that uploaded their own music?

Yes! Some of our favorite movies are music videos from bands that upload their own tracks to share with their fan base. Here are a few of our faves:

Con Brio “Give It All” Release Party in San Francisco

San Francisco-based band Con Brio share scenes from the release party for their single, “Give It All.”

DJ/Producer mataias in the studio

Finish DJ/producer mataias shares a sneek peak of what he was working on in the studio using Magisto.

Le Chat “Tomorrow Man”

London-based singer/songwriter Le Chat created an awesome music video for her song “Tomorrow Man” using Magisto.