Be on TV! #OfficeCrashers


Do you have an exciting workplace environment that you would love to be featured on CBS’ Tech2?

Tech2 and Magisto are teaming up to search for awesome Magisto movies of the coolest offices within the Silicon Valley.  This is a great opportunity to increase the awareness of your company and express a bit of your company culture through an exciting video challenge.

Here’s how you can have your office featured on a segment of #OfficeCrashers :

Download Magisto (for iPhone, Android, & PC)

Select raw footage directly from your smartphone or PC

Select a theme that uses our Emotion Sense Technology

Select your choice of music or a song directly from your iTunes

Be sure to include #OfficeCrashers to the title of your movie


Feel free to let the rest of your team in on the fun.

Here’s an example of how your company will be featured on Tech 2 if you are the lucky winner: