Do You Have A Cool Dad? Make Him Feel Special on Fathers Day!



Father’s Day is just around the corner, Sunday, June 21st to be precise and we’re looking for the coolest #DAD out there and we need your help to find him.

Create a Magisto movie of your dad being his cool-self and include #DAD to the title of your movie for a chance to win a $100 gift card to Best Buy. Not only will you have a great chance of giving him a gift card to Best Buy, but imagine how special you will make him feel once he finds out you entered him into the “Coolest #Dad” Video Challenge hosted by Magisto. What better way to honor your cool dad on Father’s Day than with an awesome gift and a cool movie showcasing all his coolness. 

Save money and make him feel special with a movie of how cool he is, using Magisto!

Take your creativity for a ride…