Magisto, GoPro, Airbnb, Engadget Discuss the Future of Video Storytelling at SF New Tech

New Nielsen study reveals that 2/3 of photos and videos go unshared because people lack the right tools. That’s all about to change.

On June 16 Magisto teamed up with SF New Tech to host a packed roundtable discussion about the future of user-generated video and the rise of video storytelling at San Francisco’s Mighty.

Magisto also revealed a thought-provoking new Nielsen study that showed nearly 2/3 of personal photos and videos never see the light of day because people lack the time or skill to turn them into something shareable.

Magisto CEO Oren Boiman, GoPro Director of Product Chris Painter, Airbnb filmmaker Allison Gay and Engadget/Dear Veronica host Veronica Belmont discussed the trends and platforms like Magisto that are driving a new golden age of user-generated video, transforming personal expression and tech giants alike.

Before the event each panelist was asked why they thought video storytelling has become so important.

“Our lives are composed of stories and video is the most powerful way to convey them,” said Oren. “It makes people understand us in the deepest way. That’s what we do.”

See what everyone else had to say here: