Congratulations to our Kleenex #caringmoments Video Contest Winner, Jennie!

Announcing the winner of the Kleenex #CaringMoments Video Contest

There are so many memories I cherish from my childhood growing up in the woods of Maryland and most of my favorite ones include my Father. He was always there to help braid my hair in the morning and read to me at night before tucking me into bed. Whenever I was sad and crying uncontrollably he would pick me up and hold me in his lap and wipe my entire face and nose in that way you can only do with children that instantly makes everything better.

These are the stories we cherish. Those precious moments with our loved ones where even if we felt sad, we felt safe. Kleenex has been a part of many people’s family memories for years and we were so honored to partner with them back in April to ask you to share some of your dearest #caringmoments.

Picking a winner to stand out among so many touching, beautiful and intimate movies was definitely not an easy decision, especially with over 5,900 submissions! We would like to extend our congratulations and admiration to Jennie, creator of the winning video entitled, “Coolest #Dad” . The movie embraces all that is wonderful and special about the first year you spend with your child and your spouse becoming parents. There are many sleepless nights and exhausting days but there is also an outpouring of gratitude and love for the family you have created with your partner. Jennie captures this timeless story and sums it up best, “This video was made for my husband, showing him what a great father he has become over our first year of parenthood. This video was a way for him to see those special moments through my (his wife’s) eyes.”

Thank you to everyone who submitted your videos of your loved ones, pets, friends and family. This was one of our favorite contests we have organized thus far and we all felt so lucky to have the opportunity to watch all of your movies. For more Kleenex #caringmoments movies go here.