Connecting With Your Friends Just Became Easier Than Ever

Facebook update, finding friends through your Facebook contacts

Connecting with your friends and family within Magisto just became easier than ever. Our latest updates available on Android and iOS version 3.9 or later allow you to sync your Facebook and phone contacts with your Magisto App to find and follow your favorite people already making awesome movies.

Excited as we are? Check out who is already using Magisto RIGHT NOW!

While you are finding your friends check out our new social features, some of which you may have already noticed showing up on your Magisto Timeline:

Follow other Magisto users through your Facebook

-Discover new and exciting movies

-Build your audience by sharing your new videos


Be sure to check out your personal “My Timeline” album populated with your public movies. If there’s a particular movie you want to keep private, simply remove the movie from your timeline.

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