Congratulations to our Father’s Day Video Contest Winner, Diane!

Father’s Day is a time to honor your family and that special person who always brings a smile to your face and fills your with the courage and love to go out into the world. To all of the Fathers, Step-Fathers, Grandfathers, Brothers, Sons and storytellers who contributed to our video contest, thank you. We are constantly reminded how the world is a beautiful place filled with love.

Diane, thank you for sharing your memories of your father throughout the years. The photographs of him and the light in his eyes made us feel like we knew him and the warmth he brought into the world and your family immediately.

“I made this video in honor of my wonderful father, who passed away at the age of 96 last December.  He was a man of principal, honest, humble and devoted to his family. We all miss him more than words can say.”

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