Leaders in Latin American Music Partner with Magisto

New Fiesta Theme and Partnership with The Orchard and CODISCOS/Tropisounds

We live in a world that is constantly becoming a smaller, stronger, bolder global community because of technology. As a result more content is being created and shared at an increasing rate than ever before, including movies. Watching a movie draws you into another space and time and what completes that journey is the music.

Magisto provides different songs built into every movie you create. We want to help you soundtrack your experiences, your memories, your celebrations. Think of us as your constant Director, Editor and Music Supervisor, all in one. In our quest to provide you with the best soundtrack we work with the most innovative people in the music industry so naturally that meant partnering with internationally renowned distribution company, The Orchard and leader in Latin American and Salsa music, CODISCOS / Tropisounds.

Earlier this week I had the chance to chat with the Digital Strategist at  CODISCOS / Tropisounds, Dennis Murcia.  As one of the oldest independent labels in America CODISCOS / Tropisounds has been working with The Orchard for years. The label’s primarily focus on Latin music from Colombia, Venezuela, Panama and Puerto Rico has been recognized by the music community with over 27 Latin Grammy Nominations and 4 wins including recent massive success around Nicky Jam for his hit single “Travesuras.” CODISCOS/Tropisounds is one of the leading labels when it comes to the newest in salsa and reggaeton music.

I spoke with Murcia about how CODISCOS / Tropisounds partnership with The Orchard came about, his feelings about music, streaming and video technology and why Magisto is positioned as the ideal video content partner for the future.

“I’ve known The Orchard since 1999 after meeting them at a Grammy’s event in Miami back when they were just a virtual label. When I started working at TropiSounds and found out they had just signed with The Orchard.  I was so happy because they were so ahead of their time and very progressive. It’s a music company run by music people, which is so important in this industry.”

With constant headlines about multiple streaming services dominating the industry, Murcia feels like the path has been cleared for the music industry to focus on video content. “The music streaming services have finally arrived as monetization platforms. The industry is back, showing profit in The US, Germany, England, and Latin America.”“It’s an exciting time. A lot of people are listening from all types of devices.”

As an avid fan of Magisto after discovering the App during a panel at (CES, Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, Murcia was an educated user eager to introduce his artists to a wider audience, by partnering with an interactive platform. “I think it is really cool that anyone can make and edit a video with their phone. YouTube is such a big component of what we do and if we can get people to upload their videos and share on YouTube that would be great for our artists.”

With all of the musicians showcased within our new Fiesta Theme located in South America, offering their music through Magisto opens them up to a global community of 65 Million Users and potential new fans and sales, instantly.

For more information about the CODISCOS / Tropisounds’s artists featured within the ‘Fiesta Theme’ see artist bios below. For more information about how you can make your own ‘Fiesta’ Theme video and enter our #FiestaContest visit our Contest Rules Page here.


Peter Manjarrés: Has won 3 Latin Grammy’s for Best cumbia / Vallenato album, making him the undisputed leader in the genre.  His has modernized the genre.

Grupo Niche: The most important salsa band outside of Puerto Rico.  This Colombian salsa band is known worldwide for their hits including the infamous “Cali Pachanguero”

Ismael Miranda: This crooner was know as the “salsa pretty boy”. He was a crucial member of the Fania All Stars, the creators of the genre.

Richie Ray/Bobby Cruz: Critical part of the Fania All Stars, this duo were responsible for the hard salsa, the one that still rules dance floors around the Latin clubs. They also combine classical music with salsa.

Farid Ortiz y Jarden Duran: Really big in the late 80’s and 90’s, this duo are well known in the Vallenato world.

Luifer Cuello y Manuel Julián: Vallenato duo known for their hit “A chilar a otra parte”  They are known for fun lyrics and energetic performances.

Máximo Zuleta y Efraín Zuleta: The elders for the Vallenato genre.  One of the best selling artists in Vallenato.