Magisto: New PC Updates

New PC Updates including HD quality videos

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Today, Magisto is excited to announce our newest version of Magisto for Windows. When Magisto launched in December 2011 our story was only getting started. Flash forward to 2015 and video editing and storytelling has woven its way into how we interact with the world and share our lives.

It’s nearly impossible for you to check out your favorite website, news channel or social media feed for the latest updates on music, fashion and what your friends are doing without running into a video. Because your world is constantly evolving so are we.

As of today, our Pro HD plan is now available on Windows allowing you to showcase your photos and videos in High Definition making your movies even more spectacular then they ever were before. Share your Magistos in HD quality and make your viewers feel like they were right there with you.

Have hundreds of photos and videos taking up valuable real estate on your camera and memory cards? Connect them to your PC and Magisto will automatically transform your footage into incredible movies.

Heading out on a weekend up to the Catskills–upload your images. Celebrating your friend’s engagement or wedding–upload your moments and favorite selfie shots with the bride. Escaping your campus for a study term abroad? Upload your photos, videos and share updates with your friends and family as you discover all of the secrets of a whole new place. Too many movies, don’t worry–you can always disable this feature and your movies will be private until you’re ready to share them.

Let Magisto help you create MORE movies, share MORE stories and spend MORE time LIVING your fabulous life.