Inspired by the music! Congrats to Frank Renaldi! Our #AtlanticRecords Video Mission Winner!

Frank Renaldi Wins Magisto’s #AtlanticRecords Video Mission

What could be more perfect than sitting on the edge of a lake in the summer surrounded by your friends and family? Adding a little bit of Katy Tiz to the party!

For the winning video for our #AtlanticRecords video mission we selected Frank Renaldi’s video because it was so joyous and full of life and represented the positive message featured in Katy’s hit single, “Whistle (While You Work It)”. Katy wrote this catchy tune while she was going through some hard times and teamed up with producer J.R. Rotem to craft one of this summers hottest tracks.

Music is such an important element of creating the perfect landscape and capturing the mood of a summer celebration. We could not be more excited about all of the videos Magisto’s community has been creating using music from Atlantic Records. We hope you have been having as much fun discovering amazing new music while filming your Magisto moments. We strive to bring you the best and the brightest in new singles and songwriters to soundtrack your special memories.

When we reached out to Frank to congratulate him on his keen eye for video and photography, he was so excited to share his story with all of you!

“We were at Lake Wallenpaupack in Pennsylvania.  About an hour and a half north of where my family lives.  My father rented a lake front property to celebrate his girlfriend Anne’s 50th birthday. It was just him, her and the kids and spouses.  It was an amazing bonding experience for all of us and was so great to capture the weekend and put a “storyline ” to our trip.  Thank you to Magisto for making it easy to give personality to these events!”

Enjoy Frank’s amazing movie and embrace the last days of summer while you can!