Congrats Roger Shulsen, WINNER of our Halloween Mission!

Halloween Mission Winner: Roger Shulsen

Halloween is one of our favorite times at Magisto for SO many reasons:

1. The fall leaves, pumpkins, apple cider and scenery always makes us appreciate all of the beauty the fall season has to offer

2. It is the only widely acceptable time of year to dress up as a your favorite super hero, zombie or furry animal and not get weird looks from your neighbors

3. The overall vibe of the day makes you feel like a kid again—and if you are a kid you get to have a party at school + dress up + collect candy with your friends + EAT candy AND be out on a school night all in one go?!

4. Indulge in things that scare you and hide beneath the covers while watching said scary movie

5. Celebrate the color orange

Can you tell we love it? Like a lot…

It seems so would YOU! Halloween is by far one of our most popular themes and was one of our most popular collections so thank you for using it for all of your festive celebrations AND for tuning in and watching other people’s stories on our site.

We are so excited to congratulate Roger Shulsen from Bend, Oregon for his WINNING movie. His overall love of life and appreciation for the holiday spirit really made us fall in love with his Magisto story.

“I’m a father and husband with a beautiful wife and awesome kids. I live in picturesque Bend, Oregon and work at a fantastic company with some fun and friendly coworkers. A special thank you to my coworkers for being such awesome Halloween spirits!”

Watch his winning video here and scroll down for a surprise edition of him receiving his box o’ sweets from everyone here at Magisto!

Arrival of the sweet treats:

Thanks again to everyone who submitted and shared their stories! Until next time, keep making Magisto memories!