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Introducing Magisto for Marketers

Introducing Magisto for Marketers

We’ve turbo charged Magisto for Business, which is intended for everyday video marketing for SMBs and tailored it specifically to meet the needs of professional marketers! Magisto for Marketers, is an AI powered video creative platform that makes video marketing creative agile, iterative and scalable for businesses of all sizes.

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 10.12.08 AMUse Cases

Magisto for Marketing videos are a powerful way to speak to your customers through earned, owned and paid media.

  • Content Marketing Videos: Powerful stories about your product and your industry, thought leadership, tutorials, testimonials, and how-to’s.
  • Performance Marketing Videos: A/B test compelling creative variations by audience and platform to optimize performance.
  • Brand Awareness Videos: Unique video content to best convey your brand through customized content, colors, messaging, music, style and mood.
Killer Features
  • A/B Test Video Creatives: Easily create multiple video variations in minutes optimized by use case, platform, audience, message, product and ROI performance.
  • Brand It: Editing style that allows you to brand your video with custom colors and fonts.
  • Facebook and YouTube Optimized: Editing styles that we have designed alongside the Facebook and YouTube teams to ensure they are optimized for each platform.
  • Stock Video Library: Elevate the production value of your videos by adding professionally shot video of virtually anything you can imagine. Choose from our library of 100,000 high quality stock photos and videos.
  • Priority Customer Support: Jump to the front of the line for all customer inquiries and get a 30-minute onboarding session with one of our video marketing experts.

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Full Feature List

  • Use 100 photos & videos per movie
  • Movies up to 4:00 minutes
  • 40 HD Downloads per month
  • Business editing styles
  • Add your logo and text to your movies
  • Edit and reorder scenes
  • Commercially licensed music
  • Brand It – Customizable style
  • Collection of 100,000 stock videos
  • Facebook & YouTube ad styles
  • Export to Facebook Ads Manager
  • Priority customer support
  • Create A/B testing video variations
Real Time Example:  flok

From organic content marketing to paid video ads, Magisto for Marketers enables businesses to produce video creative every marketing activities and objectives. Here’s a live example of how our friends at flok, NYC-based marketing and loyalty platform, used magisto for marketers for customer acquisition efforts on Facebook.


Check out flok’s video live on Facebook  

Magisto for Marketers is available now via the web and will be available on mobile early in 2017. GIVE IT A TRY.