Introducing Magisto for Business

Affordable, High-Quality, Powerful Video Solutions for Small Businesses


Today we embark on a new adventure, one that we have been preparing for since Magisto first began. As the leader in video storytelling, we are always striving to provide our 75 million users with the best technology and creative tools worthy of capturing the stories of your lives. Creation was the first chapter of Magisto, and our next is about distribution. We’ve been focusing on the social aspect of Magisto that connects one amazing storyteller to another with the integration of Facebook, social sharing with Channels and Collections, and the recent addition of a personalized User Feeds. As we watch our community flourish and explore all that video storytelling has to offer, we’re thrilled to release a new suite of tools to help you grow  by introducing, Magisto for Business.  Sign up for Magisto for Business HERE.

We believe that professional quality video marketing content should increase engagement, promote your brand name, leave an impactful impression and seal deals without costing an entire quarter’s marketing budget.

In addition, to being storytellers, sons, daughters, mothers and fathers, we know that you spend most of your time at your job. Whether you own your own company or contribute your talents to a job you love, we believe you have a professional story to share through affordable, high-quality video that is easy to create and available to businesses of any size.

With Magisto for Business, you’re invited to explore and use a suite of highly sophisticated tools that will help navigate the competitive waters of digital marketing, allowing you to adapt and remain creative and on top.

With Magisto For Business, you can create customized video content highlighting the services your company provides – whether you are a Real Estate Broker, an Event Planner, a Photographer, a Chef or a Florist.

With Magisto For Business you can easily add these features to your video content:

  • Edit and Reorder Scenes

  • Add Your Business Logo and Text

  • Unique Business Styles

  • Advanced Audio Controls for Narration

  • Commercially Licensed Music

  • Create Longer Movies

  • Unlimited HD Movie Downloads

  • Faster Movie Creation

Video editing and professional-quality videos do not have to cost thousands of dollars and weeks of time to deliver, Magisto for Business gives everyone the tools needed to deliver viral video content on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

For only $29.99 a month, you can customize and create unique video messages with the ability to upload and embed directly into your company website, social media platforms, and emails.

We always knew we could clear the creation hurdle, now we are releasing the tools to increase productivity and sales to level the playing field for all companies and small businesses.” –Oren Boiman

Don’t miss the next wave of digital marketing, sign up for Magisto for Business now.

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