5 Tips To Include In Your First Marketing Video

As the owner of a small business, you are probably wearing many hats at once and juggling multiple departments to keep your company up and running. We are here to offer an easy, affordable and effective solution to start you on your way to making great video content for your business!

If you are not already using video content to convey your marketing initiatives to your consumers, you are about to start!

We all know video marketing is the future of digital marketing, without any sign of this new wave of technology slowing down anytime soon. The leader in business reporting, 

The leader in business reporting, Nielsen reports that by 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic,” and “64% of market experts predict video will dominate their marketing strategies in the near future.”

The key to video marketing is to think of creating a video like you would prepare for a business meeting with a potential client. You want your videos to be a place where your customers understand your company message, what you are trying to offer them or service you are trying to provide and the unique, genuine aspects of what makes your company unique. Take a deep breath and be sure to mark off these 5 qualities in your video:

  1. Bring Your A Game: Be Confident and Authentic:

Commanding a genuine voice when it comes to communicating with your consumers is one of the most important skills to master. Video has the ability to provide a face to your business, a friendly voice with a focused message that is instantly impactful and can be easily re-shared on all of your socials. Don’t be afraid to share a little bit of yourself in your message. Some ideas to consider are posted in a blog all about different examples of videos you can create to show off the passion and personality behind your business. 

Two great videos to watch to get an idea of how to make your initial videos are listed below:


  1. Think Mobile First, Make A Video That Demands Attention:

Millennials were not only born with a mobile device in their hand but they also have the biggest wallet–with close to $200 billion dollars in purchasing power alone according to a recent study. They also approach most of their consumer research and purchased through their mobile devices, specifically spending time on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Creating an exciting video that will capture their attention and deliver your message in a short, effective way is one of the best ways you can jumpstart your business today.  Once you have created any of the video messages we recommend in this blog, be sure to natively upload your videos to your Facebook company page to make the most out of your video. 


Videos on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook are widely successful platforms for hosting your contact, tracking your audience to find out more information about your consumer (demographics can include, age, profession, sex and location).  Facebook leads the way of all the social platforms where video content has proven effective and resourceful in closing deals for small businesses. We suggest posting on those channels first, then branching out to Pinterest, Tumblr and Medium if you have those resources available to you.  

 “Video that’s content quick and easy to consume is the real draw, and that’s where millennials are spending their time.”

  1. Showcase Your Happy Customers:

It’s not a bad thing to ask for help and your happy customers could just be your secret weapon. Branch out from your Yelp page and engage people who love your company and your services by including them in your videos. Just as you would ask around for advice on how to find the best shoe repairman or new hair salon, people who are new to your business want to hear from someone besides the owner about the experience they expect to receive. Reaching out to your past customers also gives you a chance to reconnect and learn from your past experiences. Was there something you could have done differently? Now’s your chance to find out. 

  1. Keep it Casual, But Professional:

Video content is something you can do every day, week or month. We have outlined how to create a welcome video or message to your company and you and encourage you to do the same thing when you hire a new person, have a new product, feel creative about an idea you are working on, hear a new song that becomes the office favorite. Small, fun, entertaining videos can be just as successful and impactful as larger company messages. For example, you are a Real Estate Agent who creates multiple videos a week of different properties but you could also include a tour of your favorite park, beach or walking route in these neighborhoods. If there’s something that adds to your business’s story you should share it! These are sometimes the secrets and additional tips a customer is looking for the most when making a decision of what to purchase or who to work with.

We recommend checking out our Home Inspiration Collection for examples of great videos being made by Real Estate Agents who have successfully been advertising their listings on their company Facebook pages, socials and website using Magisto for Business including the video below made by David R. Millar Russian River Estate.

  1. Teach Your Audience Something New: Instructional Videos:

We live in a world where your customers are constantly learning new information and how to use new products on a regular basis. Helping them along in their discovery process of what seaweed wrap is the best in your spa or how to use their new bike from your shop will help them achieve ultimate buying satisfaction. This is also another way to let the personalities of your staff shine with friendly faces and welcoming messages that put concerns and questions to ease in a way that only video can. So your barré studio is the hottest spot on the block if you include recipes and healthy how-to tips on your socials and website your clients will recommend you not only for your classes but your lifestyle expertise as well!