The Industrial Revolution of Video

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A Letter from Magisto’s CEO, Oren Boiman about Magisto For Business, how to sign up, and how to start creating compelling, powerful and engaging marketing messages for your company

Video has quickly evolved from a social media and editorial content supporting role to center stage.

Gone are the days of social surfing for your friends’ New Year’s celebration, today video viewing is second nature. Video is instantly impactful, emotional and loaded with information – you can truly feel a video.

The most profound example of video transformation is Facebook. Within a year, the social media platform transformed from being primarily focused on photo and text-based posts to delivering eight billion video views a day. Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and other major social networks have also taken this video-centric approach and in so doing, created the first effective distribution network for long-tail video.

Due to the nature of social media and market behavior, long-tail video network is self-accelerating; and within two to three years, every category of the web will be videofied from e-commerce and marketplaces to real estate, automotive and news verticals. In effect, we are witnessing the industrial revolution of video.

Auto-playing videos have forever changed the way people consume and value video content, and individuals, professionals, and businesses alike will rely on video communication to successfully reach their audience. It is simple market dynamics – adopt video or get lost in the noise.

As the need for video accelerates, in turn, so does the demand for high-quality video content. It is no longer enough to use video to convey a message, it has to be compelling and increase engagement that lives beyond a single view. As a result, the gap between the massive demand for compelling video, and the supply of professionally produced content widens daily. Businesses find themselves unable to meet the current demand, let alone plan for the continued increase since the video trend shows no signs of slowing down.

The only way to scale high-quality video creation and fuel the massive demands of videofying the web is to give everyone, including businesses, access to technology that dramatically increases the quality of produced video while greatly  reducing the cost, time, and complexity so that anyone can create compelling videos, anytime. At Magisto, our mission is to do just that.

Recently, Magisto subscribers totaled 75 million video storytellers;  Those subscribers are in more than 120 countries and have created over 200 million fully produced stories from two billion pieces of personal media. The narratives range from birthdays and vacations to sublime stories of personal healing and self-determination. Additionally, Unilever, NBC Sports, Samsung, and X have created Magisto videos to support their brand narratives through strategized social video content.

Over the course of Magisto’s journey, we have not yet fulfilled the essential stories of professional lives from small businesses to freelancers. So today in our quest to videofy the web and bring moving stories to the masses, we are proud to announce Magisto for Business.

Magisto for Business

Magisto for Business is an upgrade to the Magisto platform that is tailored to bring a wave of new small business entrants into the video space and to make video marketing recurring, cost effective and social. New editing styles and upgrades to our algorithms allow the user to tell the A.I. what the business use case is and enable the Emotion Sense Technology (™) to make movies that accurately represent those use cases including a Business Overview, Product Demo, Tutorial, Creative Portfolio, and Event Recap. Throughout 2016, we will offer dozens of new business use cases across categories.

With Magisto for BusinessSmart Storyboard, creators can now open up a draft of their Magisto movie and offer our A.I. explicit creative direction on scene selection, scene ordering, scene captioning, voice detection and custom branding. In addition to music licensed for commercial purposes, faster movie creation and unlimited HD downloads of video creation.

The industrial revolution of video manufacturing has created a positive reinforcing loop for efficient production, reduced cost and increased quality that will meet consumer demand. Magisto, along with our colleagues (vs. using contemporaries), is hurtling towards amazing transformation. Regardless of how you chose to participate one thing is clear; the revolution is here and – pardon the pun – it will be televised.

I invite you to try Magisto for Business and share your thoughts on the industrial revolution of video.

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