Why Video?

5 Reasons Why Online Video Marketing is Critical To Your Small Business: 

Local marketing has migrated online, and video is the force that drives it. Sign up for Magisto for Business and check out  5 reasons why your small business needs online video marketing right now to stay ahead:

1. Videos have eclipsed photos as the most popular media on the web. YouTube has almost as many visitors as Google, video searches on Google have nearly doubled each year, Facebook’s newsfeed is dominated by video, and even Instagram has added video capability. Video is the future of the internet, so the time to get your foothold is now.

2. Nothing showcases you or your business like video. Pictures are nice but video brings things to life with greater emotional impact. Give a virtual tour of your studio or a real estate property, create videos personally introducing yourself to your customers, demonstrate the styles and techniques that you teach at your yoga studio, or offer free short tutorials that people can do at home. These are all great examples of how you can start adding video content to your properties.

3. Video = results. Users spend twice as much time on websites with video than without, and nearly half of those people take some sort of action after watching branded video. Video simply drives engagement better than any other form of media, and professional-looking, custom-edited videos like the ones produced by Magisto for Business drive it even further and drive new customers straight to your door. Video marketing is critical to keep your business ahead in this intensely competitive climate, and it’s never been easier to get started. So start today!

4. So much social media, so little time. You don’t just need great videos for your studio’s website, you need a steady stream of new content to keep your Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Yelp pages fresh. Magisto for Business can produce endless varieties of new videos for your social pages at scale so you can stay focused on your breathing.

5. It’s incredibly easy and affordable. No budget for a video crew? No time to learn complicated editing software? No problem. Magisto for Business automatically edits your smartphone video into professional-looking movies with attention-grabbing styles, customized captions, and commercially licensed music. It takes only minutes to create Magisto videos but they’ll help bring new crowds to your door.

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Sheryl Witlen  | Content and Community Manager