5 Reasons Why Online Video Marketing Is Critical To Your Local Yoga Business

Why Online Video Is Critical For Your Yoga Studio

Yoga’s popularity continues to grow, which is great for small studios but has also led to an explosion in the number of facilities offering yoga instruction and intense competition for the influx of new practitioners. How can the little guy stand out in the fray?

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Local marketing has migrated online, and video is the force that drives it, now it’s your turn to jump in this mix!

Here are 5 reasons why your small yoga business needs online video marketing right now to stay ahead:


1. Nothing showcases You, Your Business, and Your Instructors like Video. Pictures are nice but video brings things to life with greater emotional impact. Give a virtual tour of your studio, have you and your instructors each personally introduce themselves, demonstrate the styles and techniques that you teach, or offer free short tutorials that people can do at home.

2. Share The Core Values of Your Practice:

Welcome new customers to your practice by sharing with them your core values of your unique way of teaching and sharing the yogi experience. Whether it is adding a special prayer to your classes or training your teachers in India, yoga is such a personal, individual experience so don’t be afraid to share your learnings with your students.

3. Invest in your community: 

Host community nights with video content to promote special events and offerings at your studio. Are you working on growing a garden on the side and bringing the sage into your studio to burn in between sessions? Host a night of practice and growth where you share your passion for plants with your students. Do you have a friend who can play an instrument or chant? A lot of yoga practices offer classes that specialize in chanting, kirtan or mantra directing, branch out and add these types of classes to your roster once a month. Capturing video content from these special events and posting to your website and socials allows you to stay connected to your students long after they have left your studio.

4. Video Has Eclipsed Photographs As The Most Popular Media on The Web. You’ve seen us mention this time and time again, but it is so important we are going to bring it up again. Videos receive more likes and shares on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook than your photographs and text of all your radiant sun salutes. Facebook’s newsfeed is dominated by video and you can be sure your competition knows this and is using it to their advantage, you should be too.

5. Worried about Time and Money? Take a Deep Breath: Video is Easy and Affordable. No budget for a video crew? No time to learn complicated editing software? No problem. Magisto for Business automatically edits your smartphone video into professional-looking movies with attention-grabbing styles, customized captions, and commercially licensed music. It takes only minutes to create Magisto videos but they’ll help bring new crowds to your door.

6.  Yogi’s Are Social Creatures By Nature, So Don’t Be Afraid To Share:  You can tolerate 2 inches between your mat and your neighbor’s, don’t be afraid to share videos of your classes, studio and fellow instructors on all your social pages. Cross promotion is important and effective, like warming up your spin with a nice Cat Cow, so give it a go!

Video simply drives engagement better than any other form of media, and professional-looking, custom-edited videos like the ones produced by Magisto for Business drive it even further and drive new customers straight to your door. Video marketing is critical to keep your Yoga practice ahead in this intensely competitive climate, and it’s never been easier to get started. So start today!

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Sheryl Witlen | Content and Community Manager