From Camera Angle To Lighting, How To Set Up Your First Video

5 Useful Tips and Tricks for Making Your First Marketing Video

Before you start filming videos to use on your website and for your socials to promote your business, be sure to sign up for Magisto Professional and then read over a few tips and tricks we think will help you on your way to becoming a natural video marketing expert!

Pick Your Style: A lot of care went into customizing different editing styles offered by our Magisto Professional suite. We thought about what type of message you want to address with each video, the way you would want the footage to be sequenced, the type of customized narrative you would be creating for your customers, so take your time and familiarize yourself with each one.

Steady Your Shot and Yourself: We recommend using a tripod so you don’t have to rely on your intern’s hands! Making sure the camera is level and still will make it easier to concentrate on your message and for the viewers of your video to concentrate on learning about your business. Body posture goes a long way. Relax your shoulders, take a few deep breaths in and out and test out how your voice sounds a few times before you start recording. Remember to smile, when you smile your whole body and face relaxes and it will be easier for you to create a video you are happy with.

Good Lighting: A well-lit shot goes a long way! If your business is about the outdoors don’t be afraid to shoot off site outside your store! Good, clear lighting will also make you feel more confident and will shine through in your video.

Outline Your Story: It’s a good idea to prepare an outline or script of what you would like to cover in your video. We know it sounds like homework, but we promise it will pay off! Your video is supposed to tell the story of your business so planning a welcoming message and an end message will definitely prove useful. We don’t want you to forget how your company was the number one Real Estate Broker Firm in the area and neither do your potential new clients!

Keep Clips Short: Our Artificial Intelligence is so advanced that the more clips you feed it, the better so it’s okay if you want to shoot various shots of your store, location, and new products.

Add Your Customized Logo: Don’t forget to brand your video with your customized business logo!

Check out this great video created with Magisto!


 What NOT To Do:

-Shoot Vertical: Mobile devices still don’t format well for vertical shots. We recommend always shooting horizontal video and photos, it will save you time and produce the best looking videos for all your needs.

-Be Nervous: Sounding rushed, shakey or nervous is going to dilute your message. You can always re-shoot your video until you feel confident you have created the best message for your customers. Practice is important so ask your friends and co-workers to be your audience or for feedback on your videos. This will get you more used to behind in front of the camera and on your way to becoming a natural at creating amazing videos.

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Sheryl Witlen | Content and Community Manager