What To Include in your Workout Video: Content Marketing Tips For Fitness Businesses

As the owner of a fitness studio or small business that focuses on fitness, health and lifestyle these are some kinds of videos you should include on your company pages.

What To Include In Your Fitness Videos:

Everyone loves a great motivational video that effectively markets the fitness, health and nutritional lifestyle. When it comes to running a small business involved in fitness it is vital for you to attract your workout friends with some great video content.

Sign up for Magisto for Business today, regardless of whether you run a yoga studio or a CrossFit box, it’s a good idea to have the following videos on hand for your company website, YouTube and Facebook pages.


  1. Introductory Video: Give a tour of your studio space. Highlight any new equipment, locker room amenities, and merchandise for sale that all can help customers choose your company as a destination for their next DailyBurn.
  1. Example Videos Featuring YOU!: As the owner of a fitness business, you are also the face of your brand and it is a good idea to create a few example videos of a typical class with you as the instructor. Walk potential clients through the perfect squat or barré position. Highlight inside elements that make your workout unique and be sure to pay attention to your clients’ needs and restrictions. We recommend including tips like wearing appropriate workout gear and staying hydrated to show that you care about your client’s well-being as well as their customer experience.
  1. Highlight Your Staff: It is equally important for you to feature some of the stars on your staff. If you have a personal trainer who is always on demand and is a great employee ask them to be the next star of a tutorial video. That afternoon barré class with Lindy is a crowd pleaser? Showcase some of her unique blend of enthusiasm and encouragement on your company page. These videos don’t have to be long but it is great to share the spotlight and your employees will feel appreciated.
  1. Class Overview Videos: There are a lot of fitness trends that are hot on people’s lists when customers are searching for their newest routine. Help make your customer’s decision an easy one with tutorial videos that show a sneak-peek of what they should expect when they sign up for a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced class.

  1. Include Healthy Tips for Post-Workout Happiness: Tips that you might think are no-brainers could be super helpful and educational to your new clients, especially in the fitness industry where your lifestyle matters as much as your business motto. Offer video content that focuses on how to take care of your muscles after your workout including sample stretches to showcase, protein shakes and healthy snacks to bring along, dipping into a sauna or hot shower for muscle aches and staying hydrated are all great items to include in your wrap up video. You could also include recipes for healthy breakfast items or dinners with a call to action for your clients to send you ones of their own that they love. Any opportunity to strike up a conversation will leave your customer feeling like you are a fitness friend instead of just another gym they belong to. Going that extra mile always pays off.


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Sheryl Witlen | Content and Community Manager