How To Create The Perfect Welcome Video

Creating Welcome Videos for Any Small Business

There are so many ways you can use Magisto for Business videos to engage your customers. Sign up today  for Magisto for Business today start creating a powerful welcome message for your customers, potential new clients that are easy to add to your website, social channels, and email campaigns! It’s always nice to receive a warm welcome and the same goes for a customer discovering their new favorite online retailer or neighborhood sushi spot.

We highly recommend getting as creative you can and thinking about the types of welcome videos you would want to receive from the different businesses you use in your personal life.  from filming someone packaging up a their new skin care kit and filming the walk to the post office, to a dog walker who films a little hello video of someone’s beloved pup after a walk, ‘hello videos’ are a welcome break from the norm or addition to a traditional and otherwise bland sales exchange.

Fashion, Beauty, Retail Welcome Movie Details: For those of you who are in the fashion, beauty or retail industry we recommend creating movies that feature all of the thoughtful details you put into your brand message, from the thank you letter, to the color of your watercolored tissue paper, whatever makes receiving your products special, include in a video. Beauty and fashion bloggers love these little details and often will share moments like these with their followers on Instagram and YouTube.

Dog Walkers, Pet Industry: If your business is considered the expert of the neighborhood, share videos that feature the best local park, beaches, or coffee shops that let you bring fido will appeal to people who love being outside with their dogs and are looking for someone to take care of their pet when they are away at work.

Fitness Industry, Workout Facilities, Yoga Studios: Enlist some of your co-workers and friends to make a video of a welcome class, or a tour of your studio. Show all of the unique aspects from the locker room to the personalized merchandise that makes your spot the hottest hang out for the before work crowd or late night pilates enthusiast.

Food Industry, Restaurants, Cafes, Coffee Shops, Bakeries: Consider a customer who is new to your bakery or menu and create movies that show just how crusty your croissant is and the beautiful spread you made for those who stayed in town for Thanksgiving. Filming customer tutorials for this particular industry can be helpful, or using Hyperlapse to show the change between lunch into dinner service are fun moments that your audience will enjoy.

Travel Industry, Boutique Hotels, Spa Retreats: Travel videos just like travel Instagram accounts are taking off. Create short little movies about your property, honeymoon suite, the lobby, the beach, anything that makes your hotel a must-see destination. We also suggest using seasonal continent if your business is located somewhere where the landscape is as vital to your property as your customer service.

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Sheryl Witlen | Content and Community Manager