The 3 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid In Real Estate Videos

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Creating A Video for Your Next Real Estate Listing

To maintain a steady stream of buyers and sellers, real estate professionals need to be more on top of their marketing game than most. It’s especially critical to keep up with the most effective channels for real estate marketing, and these days that means online video.

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These days everyone has a video production studio in their pocket – your smart phone. There are plenty of how-to guides on how to make the best online videos, but here are three of the biggest mistakes to avoid when using them to market yourself and your listings.


1. Being Stiff Or Impersonal On Camera

Here’s the truth: no one is a natural at being on camera their first time around. While it is true, some people are more charismatic agents than others but that doesn’t mean you can’t practice and fake it until you make it.

The most effective agent introduction videos are ones where you’re able to show your unique personality and share some personal details that people might relate to. Don’t treat it like a video version of your resume. It’s a way to pre-introduce yourself and help your potential clients get a feel for the type of person you are.

Are you a runner? Do you have a green thumb? Can you speak three languages?

Go with what makes you genuine and showcases your experience as a real estate expert and your video is sure to stand out.


2. Not Using Photos In Your Videos

If you’ve ever seen a documentary by Ken Burns you’ll notice that he rarely uses video in his films. He uses still images and slowly moves them around, sliding closer and farther away, to create a sense of movement and space.

The truth is photos of your listing properties (with the Ken Burns effect) work far better in videos than actual video footage. Still photos are crisper and have a much higher resolution. You don’t have to worry about camera wobble and you can better control your lighting.


3. Not Including Close-Up Shots

Both real estate agents and buyers love big, wide angle shots that make bedrooms and backyards look spacious, but it’s also important to include some detail shots of the house’s best features.

Maybe there’s a beautiful tile backsplash in the kitchen or an antique knocker on the front door. Get some close-up shots of attractive and interesting features of the house to make it feel more intimate. Mixing these with wider angles of entire rooms and exteriors gives the most comprehensive feel for the entire house.

Small details we recommend include: Fireplaces, Sconces, Lighting Fixtures, Staircases, Wood Paneling, Gardens, Backyard Spaces, Porches, Pre-War Apartment Details, Brick Walls, High Ceilings, Tile Work, Victorian Gingerbread Features, Historical Architecture


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