Real Estate Agents: How To Effectively Market Your Listings With Video

Effectively Market Your Real Estate Listing With Video Content

Online video has quickly become the single most critical marketing tool for small businesses of all kinds, but none more so than in real estate, where curb appeal is everything. When creating Magisto for Business we specifically thought about all of the reasons why video content is so important to Real Estate agents and created specialized custom themes to represent your listings, specifically virtual tours.

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But did you know that’s just one of many ways use video marketing to your office or agency’s advantage? And did you know that making professional-looking videos that capture the attention of potential buyers and sellers can be done easily and inexpensively with just your smartphone?


Here are 5 types of videos your real estate business needs to be posting online to keep the listings flowing:

1. Agent Profile Videos

Property sellers start online when deciding which real estate agency or agent to entrust with selling their largest asset: their home. Profile videos are the most effective way for potential sellers to get to know the real you.

Videos are much more engaging and personal than a written profile or a photo, and more likely to engender trust and connection. Because when it comes to selling a property, trust is everything.

Show your local market your passion and commitment to the community by posting your profile video on your agency’s website, online ads, email marketing, or social networks.

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2. Property Videos

A video showcasing a property is the most obvious use of video marketing for real estate. But are you leveraging all the potential advantages your property videos can deliver?

Property videos showcase a property and sell a lifestyle. When done right, they’re appealing, engaging, and memorable. It goes without saying that you’ll want to feature property videos on your listings across the web. But you can also use them to engage your local marketplace with targeted advertising.

For example, when you upload your property videos to Facebook you can create sponsored ads that display your video to potential buyers living in the local area. With Facebook’s vast reach and autoplay function, your property video will spur the right buyers into action in ways traditional listings or photos cannot.

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3. Market Update Videos

Market update videos share real estate market information with potential sellers and buyers. Besides being useful to local consumers, they’re a great way to establish yourself as the most knowledgeable real estate agent in your area.

Your market update video can showcase your insights, property listings, sales data, local and national trends, or simply share information about local neighborhoods and events.

To leverage market update videos, share them on social media, your agency’s website, email newsletters, and even link to them in your email signature.

4. Testimonial Videos

Personal testimonials are uniquely powerful things. When past clients rave about your excellent service and the amazing results there’s no need to sell yourself – they’re doing it for you in their own authentic voice.

Client testimonials serve as word-of-mouth advertising like reviews, but testimonial videos are even more personal and engaging than printed reviews and establish a greater level of credibility.

Testimonial snippets should be a key feature of any agent profile video, but they can also be used as standalone videos.

5. Snapshot Videos

Snapshot videos give potential buyers and sellers a casual peek behind the scenes of your business. They can help to create a personal connection, establish your authority, showcase a property, and demonstrate your commitment and the lengths you’ll go to in order to make a sale.

Snapshot videos are intended to be short and lighthearted. You could post a sneak peek at a listing before it hits the market, give a report from an open house in progress, or go behind the scenes at a property photo shoot or staging session to show how through your sales process is.

Bonus tip: Yes, that does sound like a lot of videos. How does a real estate pro with sales to close and only so many hours in the day find the time to shoot and edit that much video?

Magisto for Business automatically edits your smartphone video into professional-looking movies with attention-grabbing styles, customized captions, and commercially licensed music. It takes only minutes to create Magisto videos for your business but they’ll keep the listings and closings flowing.


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