8 Places To Promote Your Marketing Videos

Using Social Media To Promote Your Business and Video Content

In addition to your company website, there are several places you should post your marketing videos to reach a broader audience and convert sales. Before you get started on posting your videos, you need to make them! Sign up for Magisto for Business to start creating powerful content for your business today. 

With a variety of social media platforms available for you to increase engagement with your customers, each one offers a different audience, age group, and community. We are here to offer an easy plan of where to concentrate your efforts when navigating the social media scene as well as suggestions about which Magisto for Business Editing Styles would work best based on the content of your message and your industry.


1. Facebook:
With more than 8 billion video views a day, Facebook is second only to YouTube when it comes making an impact with your marketing videos. Facebook remains the most popular social media platform with over 1.55 billion monthly users and more than 1 billion people who frequent their pages daily and within the past year, they have made it easier than ever for you to share your video content and create more than a view counter.

We highly recommend uploading your videos directly into your company page, as opposed to embedding a video link from another platform (such as YouTube or Vimeo). Facebook revealed the native upload last year which activates their algorithm specifically manufactured to drive sales and increase engagement, allowing small businesses the freedom to concentrate on quality content and their message without having to worry about a budget, paid views and additional advertising.

In addition, AdAge points out how this powerful technology places your Magisto for Business videos in the spotlight, “Facebook’s content-recommendation algorithm gives preference to its own video player when determining what content to show in people’s news feeds.” Here’s how you can start using Facebook’s native upload for your Magisto for Business videos to experience an increase in all of your company’s page statistics across all measured verticals. We also suggest adding a call to action to your videos such as the ability to download videos from your page so your customers can re-post and share your message with possible additional customers. In addition to adding a download option, you can include links to your website, sale page or additional content pages for promotion.

Suggested Magisto for Business Themes for Facebook: All of them. With such a large audience, Facebook reigns as the king of social media and is perfect for any and all of your marketing videos.

2. YouTube:
is known as the world’s video player with good reason. More than 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, while their reach on mobile devices alone reaches more 18-34 year olds and 18-49 year olds than any cable network in the United States. The most effective and affordable way for you to start promoting your content is to establish your own YouTube channel and use it as a destination for your customers to consume your marketing content and complete their purchase decision through the use of annotations and links.

YouTube provides you with the ability to upload, embed and share videos while your customers enjoy high-quality streaming and a community to share which shade of lipstick is their favorite color from your latest line, how much they enjoyed a real estate tour by a broker from your company or a massage at your spa. With an active community that is highly engaged, YouTube is often used as a research guide when consumers are making purchase decisions with a large amount of videos and personalities centering their content on reviews and feedback.

Suggested Magisto for Business Themes for YouTube: We recommend starting with a Business Overview video at the top of your channel to welcome customers and give them a sense of what your company is about. Don’t be afraid to get a little personal and provide interviews from members of your staff, sales team and show a little bit of what makes your company unique and special. This is the perfect place to let all of your messages shine with the ability to create playlists for each topic you might want to market.

3. Instagram:
Marketing to millennials is on the top of every marketer’s list for 2016 and one of the fastest ways to get their attention is with a 15-second video in their Instagram feed. The best branded Instagram accounts are consistent with their overall look and message so putting a little bit more time into selecting your photos and video content goes a long way with the audience on this platform.

For small businesses and companies, this is a great place for you to think outside of the box and show off your office space, your favorite new plants, your newest hire and other things that make your company unique and provide a behind the scenes approach to your product. Instagram’s community wants to feel like they are included in the story which is why this platform connects so well with the millennial generation who are used to sharing all of their experiences through the camera lens.
Definitely join in on the hashtag game with this one. Instagram refreshes it’s popular topics just as quickly as the market does so be creative with your video content and have some fun.

Instagram users also seek out information about the latest tips and trends in beauty, fashion, travel, where to eat, events and luxury items so think about using hashtags of similar brands you align your company with to attract the audience you want.

Suggested Magisto for Business Themes for Instagram: Our Promotional, Business Overview and Events Editing Styles were made for Instagram. But much like Facebook, Instagram’s audience and reach continues to grow which makes it the perfect platform to create with any of our styles as often as you want.

4. Twitter:
We recommend using Twitter for marketing messages announcing events, sales and new products in particular. Because Twitter’s feed is a constant news report, you can re-post your marketing videos several times a week, switching out the copy to announce a product without worrying about sounding repetitive.

Twitter is a great platform for customized hashtags for promotions, seasonal occasions and to pick up on regional, national trends to keep your company marketing contemporary while looping your company into trending topics that people are interested in.

5. Pinterest:
Founded in 2008, Pinterest is an invaluable resource if your business has anything to do with fashion, beauty, interior design, travel, housing and luxury industries. Otherwise known as the social media mood board, Pinterest is a great destination for your marketing videos specifically focused on one product and particularly suited for the Promotional, Product Overview or Luxury Editing Styles.

Similar to ‘posting’ on Facebook or Twitter, you can create a custom video for Pinterest using Magisto to reach the influencers in the Pinterest Community or connect with your customers and much like Instagram is a destination for people looking to make a purchasing decision. Taking the time to think about the overall look and feel of your pins and your video thumbnails will make your marketing videos more effective and impactful for your customers.

Suggested Magisto for Business Themes for Pinterest: Promotional, Product Overview or Luxury Editing Styles

6. Tumblr:
Tumblr is known for its appeal to designers, photographers, artists and fashion enthusiasts. It is another great outlet for all your Magisto content, whether you are a Real Estate Agent who wants to keep track of all of their listings in a portfolio or a Beauty expert who wants to create an inspirational storyboard but incorporate their own content, Tumblr is the perfect platform. We also recommend it as a great place to find and meet other creatives within your field.  If you are already using Magisto, that makes you part of this community with a business story that is worthy of sharing and with Tumblr’s unique themes you might find some inspiration for your own website as well.

7. Google+:

Posting your videos on a Google+ page is a great way to cross promote your content and it is super easy to use. Similar to Facebook you can quickly grow an audience through hashtags, a box for additional content, sales information, bit.ly links and any other helpful information you think your customers might need.

8. Your Blog:
In addition to a company website, a lot of businesses also have a blog to post highlights, successes and news to create and engage their community. Your blog, like your website, is a great destination for all of your Magisto for Business videos. Whether you are using SquareSpace, WordPress, Wix or a customized platform, Magisto videos are easily embeddable.

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Sheryl Witlen | Content and Community Manager