Mapping Out Your First Real Estate Video Listing: Insider Tips and Tricks

From Mapping Out A Floor Plan, To Timing The Lighting For Your Real Estate Video Listing, We Are Here To Provide You Some Easy Steps To Get You Started!

When it comes to being a Real Estate Agent we know time is of the essence and how important it is to show your customers their next NEW home! Before you sign up for Magisto for Business to make the best virtual listings to showcase your properties check out these tips to get you on the road and out meeting clients.


1. Map Out The Flow Of Your Video: 

Before you press record, figure out what rooms are the most important for you to include in your listing. Do you want the entry way into the house, do you want to walk out the backdoor onto the newly constructed porch and into the beautifully landscaped backyard, or do you want to venture up the stairs to the second floor and show off the master suite. All of these are good options and allow you to show off the flow and spatial plan of the property.

2. Make Multiple Videos:

Don’t rush things and include too much in one video. Too many choppy transitions might not shine a light on the details that really matter to a renter or prospective buyer. Most Real Estate websites and listings have room for multiple photos and videos so take your time and film multiple locations, floor plans, and options for your clients to review.

3. Lighting:

We cannot emphasize this one enough! Most of us do not have a lighting crew following us around so plan out your video content for when the house, apartment, property receives the best light into the rooms you want to focus your video on. Whether that is the morning or afternoon, schedule your video shoot time and then Magisto will piece together your content when it creates your video.

4. Invite a Friend or Colleague  Along To Lend A Helping Hand:

Having an extra set of eyes on any video, photography set is always welcome. It’s great to have someone along for the ride who can point out something you might have missed, has a different eye for what kinds of shots to include and you can put them to work! An extra pair of hands to help create video content and photographs can add a different perspective to your Real Estate Listings. Most Agents work together for amazing companies they love, so working together with your teammates gives you a chance to bond and teach each other new skills you might not have recognized or discovered without a little video field trip.

5. Cleanliness Matters!

Making sure the property is clean is SUPER important. No one wants to see a gross bathroom when they are considering buying a house or renting their next apartment. Set aside time to make sure the house looks it’s best is just as important as creating the video listing itself.

6. Extra Supplies:

Adding some flowers to a coffee table (if furniture is available to you) or a beautiful throw on a couch can add light and texture to your listing. We know you don’t have enough hours in the day to transform ALL of your properties into the next Dwell Magazine centerfold, but if you go the extra distance for your visual content, it’s sure to attract customers who will appreciate the details.

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Sheryl Witlen | Content and Community Manager