5 Highly Effective Business Videos Every Photographer Should Have In Their Marketing Portfolio

5 Highly Effective Business Videos Every Photographer Should Have In Their Marketing Portfolio

New to creating video content? No worries! We are here to show you how to use Magisto for Business (sign up here), find a subject matter to focus on and start capturing content and creating your powerful marketing videos. Since you are a professional photographer, you are already ahead of the game!

To get you started making videos that represent the beauty of your photography and the love you put into your work we definitely recommend starting with a Introductory Video.

Introductory Video

Definitely spend some time thinking about what you would like to say to your audience. Do you want to mention when you first started taking photos, is anyone else in your family a photographer, what was your first camera, where are some of your favorite places to shoot: all of these items show the personality behind the business and will leave an impactful memory on your client.

Daily Video Projects

Thanks to popular photography outlets like BuzzFeed, Instagram and VSCO there are daily opportunities for you to connect with your customers through your work. Focus on one subject or theme you would like to showcase and create a special video that conveys that message to your customers. If you are a travel photographer it could be a meal you had at a new restaurant or a tour of your hotel room, whatever you think a magazine would love to feature or a traveler would want to discover.

Portrait Videos

Portrait Photography is a beloved art form and for those of you who are lucky enough to know how to capture someone’s best side, light in their eyes or special smile don’t keep those details to yourself. These are also great ideas for photographers who work in the school portrait realm or sports photography. Most parents would love a video to go along with their child’s portrait session or a highlight reel for the college scouts.

Event Videos

Photos and snapshots alone can’t recreate a scene but filming a few clips of video to go along with your amazing shots of a wonderful event can create a story. Most wedding photographers are also incorporating video into their event coverage of someone’s special day so a bride cannot only have her father’s loving face during their first dance but the sound of his laughter as well.

Thank You Video

Send your clients a thank you video that includes extra content that you didn’t use, or highlights of your favorite photos. Let them know how much their business means to you.

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