4 Ways Personal Trainers Can Use Video To Pump Up Their Existing Market

Personal Trainers and Fitness Studios Use Video Content To Attract New Customers and Increase Their Personal Brand

Everybody knows that video is the future of the web. Cisco predicts that by 2017online video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffica monumental increase.

With online video assuming its place as the primary way people get their information and entertainment, small businesses that fail to include it in their internet marketing strategies do so at their peril, and personal trainers are no exception. With Magisto for Business, we offer tools to help you create studio overviews, customer tutorials, welcome messages that can use be used to target prospective clients and attract new people to your personal trainer services. Sign up today to get started.

Here are four ways video content can be used to pump up your existing digital marketing in ways you may not have considered for your personal trainer business.

1. Social media isn’t social without video.

You’ve got pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites but pictures and text of your fitness business are no longer enough to get the attention of online consumers. Adding video to your social media pages and feeds increases engagement by 37% and overall views by 94%!

This is a great example of a studio overview with is also great content for your company website, Facebook and Instagram Pages:

2. Video drastically improves email marketing results.

Nothing turns off potential clients like filling their inboxes with static, generic marketing emails. But adding video makes email marketing personal and engaging, and analysts have found that video increases response and click-through rates by a whopping 100%!

3. Most people consume their news through online video.

The internet has become the dominant way people consume news, and video is the primary way it’s consumed online. That means your press releases can no longer be effective without video. Press releases with videos are viewed 57% more than those without.

4. It’s easier than you think.

Gone are the days you need professional crews or editing software to make business-enhancing videos. Magisto for Business automatically edits your smartphone video into high-quality movies with attention-grabbing styles, customized captions, and commercially licensed music. It takes only minutes to create Magisto videos, but they’ll bring new clients and fresh opportunities to your door.

Start marketing your personal trainer sessions on social media and your website today with Magisto for Business.