Virtual Neighborhood Tours Revitalize Real Estate Listings

Virtual Neighborhood Tours Revitalize Real Estate Listings

Including a virtual listing can help give your Real Estate Listing the competitive edge it needs to close deals with new customers and sell your properties faster!

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Virtual tours have become a necessary element for competitive agents to establish their unique brand voice, establish themselves in their community by showcasing their successes as a qualified sales representative for future clients and referrals and engage with new clients. Just because most agents include video content in their listings doesn’t mean your video tours have to be boring.

With a whole suite of tools and customized editing styles, Magisto for Business allows you to add the following elements to your video content:

1. Captions: Add the listing address, your contact information (phone number or email) and website link to all your video tours, virtual walk-throughs, and neighborhood overviews

2. Commentary: Pointing out special features such as a lush backyard, spacious living room or vault ceilings gives your clients a genuine feel for a house and when you mention unique elements of a house it will help your listing stand out in a sea of text and photographs. Don’t forget to mention details like the closest Elementary School, Dog Run or Coffee spot to highlight a friendly neighborhood.

3. Logo: Whether you belong to a boutique agency or company that’s trusted household name, adding your company logo is another important detail that will make your video content stand out and establish you as a credited source and knowledgeable expert in your field.

All of these additional details help buyers get a better feel for their new home, neighborhood and for working with you and possibly recommending you to a friend or family member for your additional hard work and dedication to finding their new home and a lay of the land for their new neighborhood before they even head out to the open house.

Don’t forget one of the best resources you could have in your pocket is Magisto for Business which can create your next virtual tour or neighborhood video in a matter of mere minutes that is easily shareable to your company website and social channels. Give your customers the added experience of knowing the lay of the land before they head out to your next open house!

Here’s a great example of a video tour of a property!

The growing popularity of video tours comes as no surprise as younger buyers flood the market and more people turn towards their mobile devices to buy everything from groceries to movie tickets. “In 2014 alone, 497 million mobile devices and connections were added to the global network88% of them being smartphones.”

It is estimated that by 2019 there will be 11.5 billion connected devices and a busy market also means your customers have to decide between looking for listings on a variety of websites including,, Zillow, and TruliaUnfortunately, not all of these  websites have the built in capability like Magisto to affordably and easily create video content leaving your customers with the additional burden of finding time in their schedule to have a physical tour of a property without the layout of the kitchen or flow of the upstairs floor plan.

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You can’t put a value on impressing your clients with a video tour in a challenging market that is constantly flooded with new agents and listings every day. By adding video to your Real Estate listings you are assuring that your properties will receive the most attention.