Two Brothers Use Magisto To Document The Art of Storytelling and Their Experience ‘Becoming Bulletproof’

Magisto is the world’s most popular video storytelling platform. With the recent launch of Magisto for Business, Creatives in the film industry, non-profit sector and Transgender Community find a home for all of their marketing content.

Film is a powerful medium, one that it can be used to entertain and educate. Historically, documentary filmmakers use their expertise to shine a cultural light on subject matters that are controversial, driving reflective commentary and spirited discussion amongst film goers everywhere.  Becoming Bulletproof’  is one such film. Released in the Fall of 2015, this critically acclaimed documentary that follows a group of disabled adults working together to make a traditional western.

To help promote the film, they turned to Magisto for Business to create film trailers and summaries for their social media channels and website. (Check out Magisto for Business here).

Becoming Bulletproof Artwork

According to Zeno Mountain Farm, the Integration Production Company behind Becoming Bulletproof’roughly 25% of the population is living with a disability. “Often in our culture people feel separate than/or intimidated by disability and through watching the documentary, ‘Becoming Bulletproof’, people are feeling a personal connection to that diversity that exists at Zeno and in our movies.” Through the release of ‘Becoming Bulletproof’ and the extended trailer on Magisto, the creators behind this insightful film bring awareness to the lack of legit roles in Hollywood for actors with disabilities and even fewer features that actually employ disabled actors versus having an A-List actor play one.

Writing, directing and starring in their own short films, Zeno Mountain Farm is a nurturing safe-zone that provides friendship, equality and enrichment for their community of artists, musicians, adventure seekers and lovers of life. Their goal is a simple one, to have disability be thought of as a part of human diversity, not it’s own separate category. As stated on their information page, Zeno Mountain Farm’s philosophy is one built on the belief that “all our endeavors are more interesting and beautiful because of our unique community” and the same can be said about ‘Becoming Bulletproof.”

Directed by Michael Barnett, ‘Becoming Bulletproof’ follows the Halby family: Will and Vanessa Halby and Peter and Ila Halby, who provide a campy, home full of acceptance, love and belonging for those who are enthusiastic  about life and looking to connect and develop their skills, not be hindered by them and what society thinks.

Critically acclaimed, ‘Becoming Bulletproof’  has been described as “Deeply moving & inspirationalby The Los Angeles Times and  “As entertaining as it is inspiring.” by the Hollywood Reporter. 

As early adopters of new technology and passionate storytellers, Peter and Will discovered Magisto as another outlet for spreading the word about Zeno Mountain Farm and their ongoing projects within their community. Watching the trend toward long-form, episodic content in 2015 with the success of the Serial Podcast, House of Cards and Netflix’s development of documentaries including, ‘Winter on Fire’, Will and Peter selected Magisto as another mouthpiece to spread the word about this amazing film.

With its’ ability to effortlessly and affordably create additional, professional quality video assets to promote their film without having to increase their PR and marketing budget we were beyond excited to include a trailer of ‘Becoming Bulletproof’ in our Chronicles Collection.

For more information about watching ‘Becoming Bulletproof’ on Showtime click hereor watch the Magisto informational trailer below.


Sheryl Witlen | Content and Community Manager