How To Boost Your Facebook Posts And Maximize Your Video Marketing

How to Boost your Video posts on Facebook and Maximize Your Business Marketing Efforts

You see it right there on Facebook, tempting you every time you publish an update on your company page: the enticing navy blue  “Boost Post”  Button.

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As the name implies, this button helps your updates reach a broader audience than your normal video posts would (create videos with Magisto for Business). But it can be difficult to know when you should you boost your posts? And how to maximize the benefits of your paid boosts.

Here’s how to use Boosted Posts to maximize your video content (increase video views, likes, comments and shares) and make the most out of your Lead Generation Marketing Strategy.


What Are Boosted Posts?

It is easy to confuse Boosted Posts with regular Facebook Ads and Promoted Posts. In your company newsfeed, they look extremely similar, just like your average Facebook update tagged with the word “sponsored.”

The main difference between a Boosted Post and an in-feed Facebook Ad is that a Boosted Post exists first on your page and appears higher up on your audience’s News Feed, when paid for. When you natively upload your video content and activate it to go live on your company Facebook page, you also have the opportunity to boost your video post whereas with Facebook Ads you can only create and activate this level of content from the Facebook Ads Manager (an entirely different screen, page and price point for advertising) and the content does not have to be something that is organical to your page and natively uploaded, it can be taken from another source, shared, re-shared content.

The cost of your post depends on how many people you want your ‘boost’ to reach, 100, 400, 1,000 people? You can boost and change the amount of your campaign depending on your marketing goals and how many impressions (views, shares, comments, likes) you want your post to receive.

There are Three Ways to Target a Boosted Post:

  • You can Boost a post to your Fans ONLY;
  • You can Boost a post to your Fans and their Friends; and
  • You can Boost a post to a selected Audience through Targeting

The type of boost that you end up selecting will depend on your goals and how engaging the content in your post is, which is why we recommend creating video content and uploading since currently, due to the Facebook algorithm this is what is performing the best.

The best way to easily make engaging video content is with Magisto for Business, where you can automatically edit your smartphone videos and turn them into high-quality movies with attention-grabbing styles, customized captions, and commercially licensed music. All you have to do is take photographs and videos of the content to create the marketing message that you want, select this data on your phone, select an editing style, song and within minutes you will be ready to post your Magisto created Marketing video on all your social media platforms, including Facebook.

It takes only minutes to create a marketing video using Magisto for Business and seconds to immediately attract the attention of new clients and fresh opportunities for your company in the easiest and most effective way possible.


Boosting to Your Existing Audience

When you decide you want to Boost a Post, you will need to decide what your intended purpose of the post is and what audience you want to reach: your existing audience or a new contact that expands your social and marketing reach.

Even if the loyal audience that you have built is small but don’t underestimate their power as your biggest fans. Your audience on social media is not only interested in updates, news and tips about your products and what you are working on but they have gone the extra mile and sought you out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc to become a ‘fan’ of your brand and follow all your official marketing updates.

Boosting to your existing audience, or kicking it up a notch to boost to their friends, is especially useful for sales-oriented updates or service announcements. Maybe you’ve got a really exciting product update, or you’re launching a new service, help a greater percentage of your fanbase know about it by boosting your announcement to them.


Expanding Your Audience with a Boosted Post

If your post is highly engaging, especially to an audience broader than your own audience (here’s one way to tell: it’s getting a lot of shares!), choose the custom targeting option to reach a broader audience than is currently following your page. Under the right conditions, you can really get a lot of traffic and new page likes without spending a lot of money.

Targeting boosted posts is pretty much a simplified version of regular Facebook Ad targeting. If you need more specific targets than location, interests, age, and gender, a regular ad works best.


An Important Reason Why Video Posts Work Best

Facebook Boosts have certain requirements in terms of content, most importantly only 20% of the Boosted Post can contain text. As a primarily visually-driven medium, this is a great opportunity to use a still from your video to link to your page.


Dollars and Sense

The minimum budget for a Boost is $1 per day, but regardless of what you spend you shouldn’t boost the same post for more than a week because the older the content is, the less engaging it becomes. It’s a good idea to watch your Boosts and pause the ones that aren’t performing well after a day or two. The best bet to catch the most eyeballs is to keep a steady stream of new posts.

You also want to be wary of over-boosting; you don’t want to risk overstaying your welcome in your followers’ newsfeeds or they might unfollow you. Many experts recommend you boost posts once a week or less. You can view the frequency, or number of times on average people have been served your boosted posts by visiting the Ad Manager.

And don’t waste money boosting others’ content – spend your advertising dollars promoting your videos and links to your own site, even if Facebook prompts you to boost other updates.


Wrapping Up

Boosted Facebook posts are a great way to reach a much broader section of your audience and their friends with your videos. They’re also a cheap and easy way to get your most successful updates out there to a broader audience. Keep the guidelines above in mind, and boost away!

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Sheryl Witlen | Content and Community Manager