Magisto’s Editors Choice: Our Top 5 Videos of 2016

Check out the Top 5 Videos Created Using Magisto for the First Quarter of 2016

Working at Magisto, every day we watch people’s lives unfold. It’s inspiring, emotional, moving, uplifting and encouraging. We all show up to our jobs because we know, we believe that video-like music, literature, movies and all mediums of art make people’s lives better, richer, happier.

We are excited to share our Top 5 Editor’s Choice Videos that brilliantly showcase the unique emotional connection between Magisto and its’ audience. These videos were selected based on quality, video content and the ability to emotionally connect with a specific audience and were all created using Magisto between January and March 2016.

1. Best Business Video


2. Best Cooking Video


3. Best Athletic Video

4. Best Wedding Video

5. Best Music Video

“One challenge of creating compelling videos is to tell an interesting story that provokes an emotional connection, and Magisto does that for our 80 million users,” said Magisto’s CMO, Reid Genauer.

“Our technology has analyzed over 2.5 billion pieces of content, and we’ll continue to push the boundaries of machine created video content by expanding the platform beyond consumer use occasions to video marketing for businesses.”

Introduced earlier this year, Magisto for Business features an all-new technology, Smart Storyboard™, that allows the creator to influence production value, define scene selection, refine messaging and brand movies without actually doing the heavy-lifting of video editing and production.

As Facebook continues to report a record-breaking eight billion video views per day, and high-quality, shareable video content keeps being the most valuable form of social media, we continue to push boundaries with our technology and deliver the most sophisticated video editing tools for everyone to use in their everyday and professional lives.

Magisto’s patented interactive A.I. technology identifies the emotional elements from photos and videos compiled on a user’s smartphone to create an elegant and personal video. The creation process includes selecting a theme that finalizes the overall look and feel of the final movie that is ready to be shared on social media.

To check out our lastest editing styles sign up for a free 7-day trial of Magisto for Business and see for yourself how video content can change your marketing and personal brand engagement.