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Video: Your Passport to the World

How Using Video Content and Video on your Facebook Company Page Can Change the Way You Engage with The World

We run contests at Magisto for various reasons, to promote a new theme, to engage with our creative community of users and to learn how video is adding to their daily and professional lives. When we sent to select a winner for our Magisto for Business Contest  we watched hours of video stories of people using Magisto to express their enthusiasm, dedication, and passion for their careers.

This supported what we already firmly believe in launching Magisto for Business, that people want a way to showcase what they are building through video to not only promote their business but their community, co-workers, and expertise in their fields.

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As careers continue to evolve away from the traditional desktop, an affordable, effective video editing app that allows you the freedom to capture your work life on the go becomes a necessity, just like your cell phone, Trello feed or appointment calendar.

We no longer live in a world where the world traditional applies to the majority of the population’s jobs. In the US alone, large corporations are no longer the largest provider of jobs. Instead, statistics show that entrepreneurs and small businesses are powering us out of a country reeling from the results of an economic crisis, the largest we’ve seen since the Great Depression.

According to a recent article by U.S. Small Business Administration, “Small businesses created nearly 2 million of the roughly 3 million private-sector jobs generated in 2014. More than 7 million of the 11 million jobs created during our recovery have been generated by startups and small enterprises.”

When we settled upon Craig Michael’s winning video, “My Passport to Art Design & Food” we loved that Craig was not only showcasing what his two companies do best: Social Media, Advertising, and Entertainment Marketing but also telling the stories of an event that incorporated other media and design companies in his market. Craig being a social media expert also mentions live streaming video, another way you could use Magisto to capture and document your next work event.

With “My Passport to Art Design & Food” Craig’s message was enthusiastic, engaging and exciting while the flow of the video he captured, the b-roll included adding additional information and his narrative added to the overall message of the video to make it convincing and informative. His video is a good example of all of the messages you can include in your business videos and how to remain relaxed and genuine in your delivery can draw viewers in.

Craig Michaels was excited to be selected as the winner and kick off using Magisto for Business with its’ exclusive suite of editing tools.

Thank you for choosing my “Passport to Art Design & Food” video for the Magisto for Business video contest. You originally sent the notification to Musical Affair, which is my Entertainment Company. I use Magisto to promote businesses on my Craig Michaels Production Facebook Page.  I started this social media and advertising company last year. I help local businesses gain exposure on social media.

For the record “This is the best new app available to businesses, I share it with everyone I talk to!” “within minutes I can post a professional video on social media that looks like it was produced by a professional production company but I do it all on Magisto!”

We can’t wait to the videos Craig will create with his new Magisto for Business account! To follow all of Craig’s business developments and find inspiration in his motivational spirit be sure to follow his Magisto Timeline!
Thank you so much, Craig!
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