Facebook Ad Targeting + Magisto = The Most Powerful Combination in Video Marketing

How To Start Using Video To Advertise Your Small Business on Facebook

Facebook is catching up to YouTube as the most popular platform for video marketing, and there’s never been a better time to harness its power to help grow your business presence and brand voice.

Rapidly-accelerating growth in the amount of time people spend on social networks, especially through mobile devices, has led to a dramatic increase in the amount of video consumed on Facebook. In January of this year, Facebook hit an incredible milestone – 100 million hours of video viewed per day!



This represents a massive shift in our collective attentions but only recently have businesses and marketers – from neighborhood fitness studios to Pepsi – started to realize just how many consumer eyeballs that represents and the massive marketing potential. 

According to a survey by Advertising Age, only 12% of marketers currently use Facebook video to promote their businesses. That number is expected to increase to 57% in just the next six months!

If you’re not already among the savvy people driving that growth, now is the time to use the unique power of video to put your business in front of this rapidly-expanding mass of consumers.

Another significant factor in the growth of Facebook video ads is targeting. We all know that today’s world is data-focused, especially when it comes to marketing and advertising. The shotgun approach of banner ads and email blasts is becoming a thing of the past. Consumers are sick and tired of being inundated by products and services that have nothing to do with their lives.

That’s where Facebook Ad targeting has upped the game for reaching the specific consumers who are waiting to hear from you. Businesses now have the ability to tap into Facebook’s wealth of user data to target audiences by: 





Other options

But all of the data in the world won’t move the needle unless the videos you’re presenting are unique, engaging, and able to connect with consumers on a truly human level. 

We recommend trying out Magisto for Business automatically edits your smartphone videos and turns them into high-quality movies with attention-grabbing styles, customized captions, and commercially licensed music. It takes only minutes to create and post a Facebook video using Magisto for Business, and seconds to immediately attract new clients and fresh opportunities for your company in the easiest and most effective way possible.

Together, the combination of Magisto’s ability to bring stories to life and Facebook’s ability to reach consumers at a massive scale represents the most powerful combination in this brave new world of online video marketing.