How Much 1 Minute of Video is Worth To Your Business

Post your Magisto for Business videos on your Facebook to learn about your customers buying behaviors and make the most out of your marketing today!

When looking around online, be it in eCommerce sites or Social Media platforms, one thing has become evident for all business owners – in order to compete you need to be marketing your company using video content.

According to a report from Forrester Research, “a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words” and when you think about all of the video content you consume on a daily basis just by going about your daily routines and how many different advertising messages you remember through sound, slogan and commercial alone–you know they are right. 

Now knowing all of this, why would you waste a second longer and not get the most you can out of your Magisto Professional video messages?! 

Posting your video content on Facebook is so easy you can do it in seconds.

You can use your Facebook videos to test:  

-What headlines work: set up an A/B Test of different video titles that represent the same overall promotional message and see what headline draws the most views

-What promotions your customers are most interested in: sales, events, promotions, tours, re-caps

-What speed works for them: do they like fast-paced video content or slower more instrumentally themed videos?

Simply by posting your videos on Facebook, you can see if your customers are engaging with your videos on their desktop or mobile, which can help you solve for questions about should you advertise more on social media or on the web.

Facebook also provides Insights which allows you to see more information about who is viewing your video content by:

Gender and Age




This might seem all seem very overwhelming but take a deep breath and think about it this way: think of your dream customer. Where do they live? Do they shop online or via their cell phones/mobile devices? Are they in their mid-thirties or are they a teenager? Using Facebook Insights allows you to answer some of these questions based off of who views your video content in real time!

Proving that 1 minute of video goes a long way into understanding what your customer is looking for and if you are providing them with these answers and engaging content with your current advertising and marketing message.

Start making amazing business videos with Magisto now!


Sheryl Witlen | Content and Community Manager