The Most Important Variables in A/B Testing Your Marketing Video: How to Pick a Winner

In a previous post we discussed how A/B testing is the best way to determine your marketing videos’ weaknesses and strengths, and find the version that actually moves the ball with engagement and conversion for your business. And also how Magisto for Business is the most efficient and affordable way to create multiple versions of your video for you to test against each other – no editing skills required.

A/B testing means comparing two (or more) versions of the same thing to determine which one produces better results, and why. But how is that actually done, and what are the specific variables you should compare?

Attributes to A/B Test in Video

There are endless amounts of things you could test in your video content, from scripts to editing to music to lighting. Although Magisto for Business allows you to quickly and inexpensively create multiple versions of a truly authentic and engaging video ad, you don’t want to spend any more time on the process than necessary.

It’s a good starting point to A/B test those things that can be easily switched in your Magisto video. Three of the best are:

  • Promotional Copy and Video Text
  • Splash Screens or Thumbnails
  • Calls to Action

Testing Video Promotional Copy and Video Text

Promotional copy alone can determine whether or not your audience even ends up in the right location to view your video. And once they do view it, the copy and text in your video can make all the difference. For example, Facebook copy that drives readers to watch your video needs to be compelling enough to encourage viewers to stop what they’re doing and click play on your video. Like all A/B testing it’s important here to tweak only one component of the copy so you can directly measure it against a control. These can include:

  • Headlines
  • Body copy
  • Video text

Success can be measured by things like click totals or click-through rates, but whichever measurement you choose make sure you determine it in advance.

Testing Splash Screens or Video Thumbnails

Splash screens or video thumbnails are the static images that show on your video before anyone hits ‘play’. Believe it or not, the image that’s shown can dramatically influence a person’s interest in viewing the video content.

When A/B testing splash screens, the shots used are generally frozen frames from within your video.

Success in splash screen A/B testing is typically measured through views, or the number of people who clicked play on your video.

Testing Calls to Action

What’s the point of your marketing video if it’s not driving action? A/B testing is here to help.

The best CTA attributes to test include:

  • Text vs. Voiceover
  • Script/Wording
  • Size/Font/Location of Text

Measures of success in CTA A/B testing usually involve click-throughs or full conversions, but be sure to make a distinction between the two.

Now you have the tools to A/B test your marketing video – go forth and conquer!

Here is an example of how Snappy  a mobile personalized gif startup used Magisto to test a product overview overlaid on lifestyle imagery.