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Use Video to Get the Most for Your Small Business from Facebook’s New Shopping Sections

Having a Facebook Page has become indispensable for all businesses, but some new features from the social media giant have huge implications for small businesses. Especially businesses who have harnessed the power of video marketing.

Facebook recently rolled out two new sections to help promote goods and services from your business’s Facebook Page:

The Shop section lets businesses list goods and products they’re selling, and allows Facebook users to submit orders through Messenger, while Services lets you do the same for, well, services.

Because sales in these new sections happen directly via Messenger, they’re of greatest benefit to small businesses and individual merchants who work with their customers one-on-one. i.e. you won’t buy kitty litter from Walmart this way.

But most importantly, along with listing your products and prices in your Shop section you can also include photos and videos to promote yourself in a more personal and authentic way.

It’s no secret that video has been driving Facebook’s tremendous growth with a staggering four billion daily views, and brands have gotten increasingly savvy at using video to get the attention of that massive audience.

Magisto for Business is the best way to keep your Facebook Page, especially the new Shopping and Services features, fresh with unique and compelling video content. It automatically edits your smartphone videos and turns them into high-quality movies with attention-grabbing styles, customized captions, and commercially licensed music. It takes only minutes to create and post a Facebook video using Magisto for Business , and seconds to immediately attract new clients and fresh opportunities for your company in the easiest and most effective way possible.

Using video in your Shop section is a new and powerful way to directly increase business and awareness among Facebook’s billions of global users. Here’s how:

  1. On your page, click the Shop section.
  2. Click Add Product.
  3. Add your photos or videos.
  4. Enter your business/product’s details.
  5. Click Save.

That’s it. It couldn’t be faster and easier to create a Magisto video and add it to the new Shopping sections on your Facebook Page. There’s no better way to expose your business to such a large audience, in such a personal and authentic way, with minimal time and expense, than using Magisto for Business with Facebook.

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