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3 Reasons Why Your Video Ad Campaign Isn’t Working

We are in the midst of a video marketing revolution. For the first time, we can now create our own videos and consume them on phones, social media, or really anywhere we like. Despite this, many traditional marketers are still using TV as their reference point. Here are three reasons why that strategy will no longer work.

Millennials are in control

This revolution is being driven by the first generation to grow up without TV as king: millennials. Defined as those born between 1980 and 2000, they now number nearly 100 million members and have an annual buying power of over $1.3 trillion worldwide. With that in mind, it makes sense why marketers should start paying more attention to them.

Millennials think of video differently

When it comes to video, millennials are simply speaking a different language. Whereas older generations see online video as an extension of TV, millennials consider it a medium that can combine aspects of not only TV, but also social media, performance marketing, and more. For them, video isn’t a one-way broadcast, but a two-way conversation.

Millennials are mobile-first and social-driven

A staggering 85 percent of millennials access content over their mobile phones, while nearly all of them (97 percent) are on social media. This means that marketers not only have to rethink how they make videos, but where they put them. If they are relying on TV to broadcast their message, this generation just won’t be watching.


What does all this mean?

For a modern video campaign to be successful, it needs to reach millennials using a message that is relevant to them, which means optimizing videos for mobile and social media. Make your message highly visual, hyper-targeted, and short, and try to tell a personal story that is both emotional and authentic.

Fortunately for marketers, services like Magisto are tailor-made for the tastes of this new generation. Elaborate, multi-million dollar TV campaigns may finally be on their way out.

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