Is Your Marketing Strategy Following Your Audience?

Word-of-mouth campaigns have always been the best way to promote a brand. Get people talking about your product and they’ll start seeking it out. For decades, businesses have relied on TV and print ads to do just this. However, recent shifts in the media landscape are leaving traditional marketers without an audience. Here’s why.

The rise of the millennial

Are you paying attention to millennials? There are now almost 100 million members of this generation, making them even larger than baby boomers. That translates to around $1.3 trillion in annual buying power. If you’re not marketing to them, you’re already behind.


The rise of social media

To reach millennials, you need to know where they are. Because this generation grew up online, they don’t read physical newspapers or watch TV. Instead, a staggering 97 percent of them use social media, making it the most cost-effective method by far to spread your message and promote your brand.

The rise of social video

However, it’s not enough to just follow your audience. You also have to speak their language, which means using social video. According to our research, millennials are 136 percent more likely to create video for social media. What’s more, they’re using it to tell personal and authentic stories. Brands that can do this are ready for the new landscape.

All this is great news for small- and medium-sized businesses. Services like Magisto will allow them to quickly create engaging, professional-quality videos they can share across Facebook, Twitter, and any other platform. They no longer have to rely on expensive TV and print campaigns anymore.

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Here is an example of how “Roberts Men’s Suites“, a boutique mens suite and tailoring company from San Diego enlisted one of their loyal customers to create a Testimonial Marketing Video using Magisto.