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How Interactive AI Can Help You Make the Perfect Business Video

No matter what business you’re in, videos are the best way to quickly get your message across and engage with your customers. However, many companies still think making high-quality videos requires too much expertise and time. Not anymore.


At Magisto, we’re constantly thinking about how to put the power of video in everyone’s hands. In fact, our interactive AI technology has made it so simple, we can break it down in just three easy steps. 

AIStep 1

Record your scenes. You can use either a camera or smartphone, but try to keep your clips to around 10 seconds each. Remember to film any major features of your business, as well as to turn the camera on yourself to tell your own story. Use a tripod or an assistant to get a steady shot.

Step 2

Open Magisto and select the photos and videos you want to use. Afterwards, the Smart Storyboard will let you easily drag and drop scenes and images into place, or delete them altogether. You can also add in captions along the way.

Step 3

Select any extras. This can include inserting your business logo and contact information, adding in commercially-licensed music, or even applying one of our pre-made themes.

That’s it!

Our technology will do the rest. Within minutes, you’ll have a professional-quality business video that communicates your message in an engaging and entertaining way. To help you get it out there, Magisto will also let you send it directly to services like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more.

Make a social video now!


Here is an example of how Agoura Advanced Dentistry used Magisto’s AI technology to create the perfect marketing video for their business.