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How To Amp Up Your Content Marketing This Year

If you aren’t staying on top of the current trends in content marketing, your brand will be left behind, plain and simple. But no need to stress. The research has been done for you! As published in a recent article from Forbes, here are the top trends in content marketing to pay attention to in 2018:

1. Video is king in content marketing. You don’t need an expensive camera and high-tech editing software to make videos anymore. As long as you have a smartphone and a social media account, you’re golden. Throw in Magisto, and you’re ahead of the pack!

Bonus points: try Facebook Live to increase engagement rates.

2. Social media isn’t dead, but you do need to diversify. Email, membership events, and in-person events are great connection platforms for your marketing campaigns.

Bonus points: try Drip for automating email campaigns.

3. Make original content, but leave out the sales pitch. The key is to create content that people actually want to engage with.

Bonus points: try Skitch to create polished articles and how to e-books.

It’s time to stop asking how your content marketing can drive sales and start asking what your content can do for your audience.