We’ve scoured the internet for the companies that have the best social media marketing strategy, and these six companies are killing it online. Take a few tips from these pros, and make your social media marketing strategy stand out.

  1. Denny’s is original and sassy. Denny’s, the diner you stop at on road trips, has Twitter and Facebook feeds that are fun, original, and sometimes, just a bit bizarre. But it works, and they have almost half a million followers!
  2. Stone Brewing Company is the most followed brewing company in America on Twitter and has more than 44.5 million impressions online due to their fun banter with their fans.
  3. Taco Bell has a conversational voice on social media that is always pushing the envelope and keeping it fun and light.
  4. Charmin, the toilet paper brand, has over 1 million Facebook followers, not bad for a toilet paper company! Their #tweetsfromtheseat campaign has been a huge success.
  5. Oreo, the beloved cookie company, is always churning out fresh content to keep their followers entertained- whether it’s to play off a movie that’s out or a holiday- they are on it.
  6. Finally, Wendy’s has an amazing Twitter account. Follow it and learn.
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If there’s one thing these six companies have in common, it’s personality. Make sure that your social media marketing strategy isn’t boring, corporate, or stodgy. Show some personality. We can help!