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How To Do A/B Testing With Your Videos

Previously, with search engine marketing and display ads, A/B testing was easy. Moving a few headlines was all it took. Now, the web is driven by video. How can you create, produce, edit, measure, and adjust multiple variations without full-time video teams or a king-sized budget? How can you optimize your social media strategy so you are using your marketing dollars wisely?

If you’re interested in A/B testing your videos, here are some easy aspects to alter:

– Copy and text
– Thumbnails and splash screens
– Calls to action

You can also test the following parts of your social media strategy for optimization:
– Audience
– Platform
– Location in the marketing funnel
– Creative

Change one thing at a time so you can determine the most effective factors to get the best results possible. Magisto makes it simple to do A/B testing of your videos. Join us and optimize your social media strategy today.

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