How to Pick the Right Music for Your Social Media Video

We are assuming a video is part of your social media plan, right? The right music can make a video unforgettable. But so can the wrong music. So how do you pick the perfect song for your video and execute an amazing social media plan?

We’ve made a few, ok, a lot, of videos in our time. Here are some of our tried and true tricks:

  1. Subtle music always works.
  2. Instrumental music is a great choice too, especially behind some B-roll footage.
  3. Always choose royalty-free tracks. (Don’t worry, all of Magisto’s music in our library is royalty-free).
  4. Ask yourself- does this track match the mood of my video, provide energy, or distract from the content? Does it represent my company?

You work hard for your brand and have put a lot of time into your social media plan, so play it loud and clear. Magisto can help you execute your social media plan. Login today and check out our vast collection of royalty-free music. We have the perfect sound for your video.