when to post on social

How To Time Your Social Media Strategy for Maximum Exposure

Brands never sleep, but customers do. In social media, timing is everything, and you should take timing into account in your social media strategy. Below are a few tips to help you maximize your social media strategy through good timing.

1. Hashtags change overnight. Be sure that what was trending yesterday, is still relevant today.

2. Weekdays will get you higher exposure than weekends. If you post to LinkedIn, post either before or after the work day when the site is more popular. Facebook, on the other hand, is most popular between 1 and 4pm. Instagram posts are best after school, between 3 and 4pm, while Pinterest and Tumblr are for night owls.

3. But weekend posts see better interaction. Facebook is best either before 8am and after 8pm on the weekends. Post to Twitter between noon and 6pm on the weekends.

Always keep your brand on time, and make sure that timing is part of your social media strategy.