Millar and Company is a San Francisco Bay Area based real estate agency in one of the country’s most competitive housing markets. David Millar and Carol Papworth have adopted a video first brand marketing strategy to drive brand awareness, promote their listings, and attract new clients via Facebook. As part of their brand marketing strategy, Millar and Company wanted to leverage the power of Facebook videos (via Facebook’s algorithm that elevates native video within a news feed) as a way to tell their unique business story and engage their audience more than a post with only photos and text.

How a Bay Area Real Estate Company Used AI-Videos as Part of Their Brand Marketing Strategy to Increase Sales and Attract New CustomersClick To Tweet

By posting Magisto for Business-created video content on their Facebook page, Millar and Company was able to amp up their brand marketing, and

  1. Easily increase the number of posts on their company page
  2. Increase the reach and engagement of their posts
  3. Magisto-created video posts commanded 220% more views than non-Magisto videos
  4. Magisto-created video posts received 160% more likes than non-Magisto videos
  5. Magisto-created video posts received 150% more shares than non-Magisto videos and 300% more shares than non-video posts
  6. Magisto-created video posts received 100% more comments than non-Magisto videos and 200% more comments than non-video posts
  7. Illustrate their unique business story, providing clients with a better picture of the exclusive service they provide as agents and a company

“Ultimately, when people are buying a home, they want more than photos and information, they want an agent they can trust and that’s hard to find. Magisto is our solution for engaging clients on Facebook and scaling our business for the future,” David Millar, Millar and Company.

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