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How a Fashion Designer Stepped Up Her Video Marketing Strategy

Karen Klein is a Bay Area based fashion designer whose stylish clothing line is taking off around the world. Her video marketing strategy allows her the ease and ability to drive brand awareness, announce events, and generate revenue from earned, owned, and paid media.

“How a Fashion Designer Stepped Up Her Video Marketing Strategy with AI-Driven Videos “

Karen Klein partnered with Magisto to integrate cost-effective video marketing into brand awareness, customer acquisition, and retention strategies.

The results were clear for her video marketing tests. The longer style narrative marketing videos drove reach and engagement. They had an 81% improvement in views and a 52% improvement in video completion than non-Magisto videos. Shorter promotional videos drove efficiency in cost-per-click and customer acquisition cost, with a 55% improvement in customer acquisition costs and 20% improvement in cost-per-click.  

“Magisto is new, fresh, and beautiful. My customers love it. The freedom to showcase my line through video is an excellent tool and its ease allows me to cross-promote my video to other platforms and save me time that I can dedicate to designing my line,” Karen Klein, fashion designer.