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How an Artist Used Facebook Videos to Retain Clients

Tony Smith is an award-winning artist specializing in drawing caricatures at weddings, corporate events, and special occasions. Tony’s business partner, Kim Smith, creates Facebook video narratives using Magisto to thank clients, showcase their satisfied customer base, and attract new clients.

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Kim and Tony started using Magisto to create keepsake video narratives for clients in order to demonstrate the overall value of their event package. The videos were also used to attract new clients via Facebook.

By using Magisto for Business to create Facebook videos, Caricatures by Tony Smith was able to:

    1. Increase posts: The ease of making Magisto videos allowed them to increase the number of posts on their company Facebook page from bi-monthly to more than bi-weekly.
    2. Increase views: Magisto Facebook videos commanded 220% more views than non-Magisto Facebook video posts.
    3. Increase likes: Magisto Facebook video posts received 200% more likes than non-video posts.
    4. Increase shares: Magisto Facebook video posts received 200% more likes than non-video posts.
    5. Increase comments: Magisto Facebook video posts got 300% more comments than non-video posts.


At the same time, they were able to provide unique customer service to their clients by giving them a customized “reveal video” that captured the caricatures drawn at their event.

“Videos have made a huge difference attracting new clients for our business. Since we upgraded to Magisto for Business, we’ve received more customer referrals and such an overwhelming positive response to our “reveal videos” that we are considering selling them. People want their Magisto created video stories for years to come,” Kim Smith of Caricatures by Tony Smith.