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How One Fitness Trainer Built His Business Using Facebook Videos

BAMN 24FIT is a fitness and nutrition business that specializes in teaching customers how to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. BAMN 24FIT’s owner, Joseph Orino, has adopted a video-first social media marketing strategy to promote his knowledge and expertise about personal training and clean living, while driving brand awareness for the company and attracting new clients via Facebook videos.

How One Fitness Trainer Built His Business Using Social Media Marketing and Facebook VideosClick To Tweet

As part of his social media marketing strategy, Joseph wanted to leverage the power of Facebook videos via Facebook’s algorithm that elevates native Facebook video within a news feed, as a way to tell BAMN 24FIT’s life-changing business story and engage its audience more than a post with only photos and text would.

Joseph used Magisto for Business and our AI technology to create Facebook videos. He was able to surpass the goals of his social media marketing strategy. His Magisto videos were able to:

  1. Increase views: Magisto videos commanded 300% more views than non-Magisto created Facebook video posts.
  2. Increase likes: Magisto posts received 300% more likes than non-Magisto Facebook video posts.
  3. Increase shares: Magisto posts received 100% more shares than non-Magisto Facebook video posts and 100% more likes than non-video posts.
  4. Increase comments: Magisto posts got 300% more comments than non-Magisto Facebook video posts and 300% more comments than non-video posts.




Take it from Joseph and BAMN 24FIT: Magisto drives business through Facebook videos. “As a fitness entrepreneur, my business is lifestyle-based and depends on sales, all of which are driven by social media exposure. The level of ease that Magisto provides in terms creative solutions is fantastic.” – Joseph Oniwor, BAMN 24FIT Owner