New Hampshire’s 2,000 seat Casino Ballroom is a 100+ year old live music venue. It has hosted legendary bands that include The Doors, Led Zeppelin, and U2. Just as the acts of such a venue have evolved over more than a century, so have their marketing tactics. Casino Ballroom is now successfully using Magisto to create Facebook videos as part of their Facebook marketing strategy.

Authentic narrative Facebook video got 677% lower cost per click the traditional hard-sell commercial Facebook video. Click To Tweet

The biggest challenge for the Casino Ballroom was getting the word out to multiple discrete audiences. They host over 80 unique shows a year, each appealing to drastically different audiences with preferences ranging from country to hip-hop and once the show has started, unsold seats have no value. In order to capture the thrill and inspiration of each legendary act and get the message to the appropriate audiences, the Ballroom needed more than words and static images. Concerts are by nature experiential – conveying the emotion of a concert is hard to achieve with images and text.

The solution was simple- Facebook videos powered by artificial intelligence. The Casino Ballroom had specific Facebook marketing goals and objectives aimed towards increasing the awareness and excitement surrounding all of their various shows using Facebook video ads and Facebook advertising. The Casino Ballroom utilized Magisto’s A.I. powered video creation platform to turn a mix of b-roll, artist photography, camera phone footage, and copyright-cleared songs into a powerful Facebook video campaign for nine artists and an umbrella campaign for the Ballroom itself.

The goals of the Facebook marketing campaign included:

  • Reduce the cost of creating Facebook videos
  • Increase the agility and speed of creating Facebook videos
  • Improve reach and engagement with customers
  • Decrease the cost-per-click

Over a period of five weeks, the Casino Ballroom and Magisto combined forces to do a series of tests aimed at determining the differences between Facebook video marketing and traditional Facebook ads. They focused on how to best create, distribute, and optimize Facebook video content in a timely manner within a reasonable budget.

The Results: Facebook Video Delivers The Story and The Numbers

Test 1: Static Display Ads vs. Magisto Facebook Video Ads

What they found was surprising and, although they knew the market was embracing Facebook videos, the results surpassed expectations. The Facebook video ads prevailed with the cost-per-click coming in at 39% lower and the click through rate 200% higher.

Test 2: Hard Sell Facebook Video vs. Authentic Narrative

This test pitted an authentic narrative Facebook video made with Magisto against a more traditional hard-sell commercial Facebook video. The Magisto video had a 95% higher reach, had 432% more shares, 82% more likes, 264% more comments, and a 677% lower cost-per-click.

“On any given night when the house lights go down and the band hits the stage you can feel a chill down your spine. Conveying that feeling is the most powerful way to promote a concert. We have always had fantastic results with Facebook video but it’s difficult and expensive to create. Magisto made it easy for us to jump start our Facebook video advertising and to test which creatives work,”  Andrew Herrick, Director of Sales and Marketing.

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