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The Top Four Marketing Challenges that Social Video Solves Best

The definition of video marketing is the ability to communicate with any one of your businesses’ constituents using ad hoc video narrative. The next natural question is: How does video marketing best solve today’s marketing problems? Below are the top four ways that video solves your marketing challenges.


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1. Trust and Relationship Building at Scale with Social Video

There is an old saying that people buy from people. Ask any door-to-door salesman from the 1950’s, and they will tell you that personal interaction, trust, and ultimately a relationship with your customer is the most effective way to drive sales. The trickier part is often generating enough interest from a prospective customer to secure the initial interaction and actually develop a real, interpersonal connection.

Action Item: Show Your Face in Your Video to Build Trust.

Be sure to feature yourself or a real employee in your social videos. If you don’t feel comfortable on camera, use a photo of yourself and add text captioning rather than actual dialogue. It’s an amazingly powerful way to start building relationships at scale in your video marketing campaigns.

2. Selling Experiences with Video Marketing

Compared to social video, text and photos don’t have nearly the same capacity of giving the viewer real senses of the emotion and energy of the event. Without emotion, experiences have no real value. Social video is the most experiential medium. It immerses the audience in the atmosphere of life experience. It places them in the story and provides senses of place, dimension and motion, triggering a powerful emotional response.

Action Item: Selling Experiences with Social Video

One irony of video marketing is that raw video footage often lacks the very emotion we are looking for. As a medium, social video is most powerful when there is an element of production. Here are two things you need for a powerful video marketing campaign.

A Shot List:

You don’t have to be Scorsese to make great social videos. Don’t be afraid to include a mixture of photos and videos. Wide angled shots paired with close ups reveal cool details and perspectives of experiences that are otherwise lost. These simple tricks make for great social video stories.

The Right Song:

Most importantly, pick a song that conveys the energy of the event you are selling. If it’s a yoga retreat, you want something soothing; a sales convention, something motivational or even epic.

3. Speaking to the “Change Generation”

There are two components to reaching the Change Generation: speak to them where they live (i.e. social media) and with an authentic voice.


Video dominates social media. It is easy to consume on mobile devices and highly visual, making it the preferred medium of the Change Generation. In order to speak social video effectively as a business, you need videos optimized for every social platform. Using a video created for YouTube on Instagram simply doesn’t work. An easy solution is to repurpose core video creative and optimize the format and message by platform.


It’s important to use a socially relevant voice that resembles the way individuals interact with each other in social culture. Showing a heavily produced spot, or even one that is too overtly a sales pitch, on a social platform is like showing up to a pool party in a tuxedo. And showing the same social video on another platform without refreshing it is like showing up to that pool party overdressed, again and again.

Evolved Expectations In Advertising

There is a new expectation associated with the social contract between the consumer and the advertiser that requires authenticity, nuanced voice and frequent creative refresh that favors conversation to broadcast messaging. One of the reasons video marketing is so effective is that it plays to that new set of rules in how customers/consumers engage with businesses and the goods they sell through the content they create.

The Change Generation Speaks Video

This year 74% of internet traffic will be driven by video. The mass adoption of social video is driven by the Change Generation – people who have come of age in the context of a mobile and connected social world – that have a drastically evolved perspective on everything from relationships and entertainment to advertising.

4. The Competitive Advantage of Video

Video marketing is exploding. Even though it is still a relatively new field, its growth is exponential. There is a window of time to get ahead of the curve. If you can find a way to create authentic, emotionally engaging social video content in a cost effective way and with a high degree of frequency, you will be ahead of 99% of your competition.

Action Item: Start Video Marketing Now

Many marketers are unsure how to begin video marketing because they use the production value and work flow of television advertising as a reference point. Framed through the lens of TV, it’s easy to think “How on earth am I going to do that?” The truth is that perfection is the enemy of effective video marketing. Frequency and speed to market are the keys to success. Get started with low budget, highly authentic social videos. Learn, repeat and win!

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