Creating Easy Branded Videos Consistently – Your Guide (With Examples)

Hello and welcome to our blog! I’m Cindy – Social Media Manager & Head of Community here at Magisto. Today I’m going to walk you through the steps for you to kick-start your branded video strategy. When I first joined Magisto – this was one of the features that stood out to me as an EXTREMELY fast and efficient tool for me to create some consistency across our videos. What I love about this too is once you upload your custom font, logo etc. it stays locked in and ready for you use again and again. Hello – brand marketing win!


Here’s how you can start creating branded videos as fast as today –

Step 1: Download the Magisto app from the app store,

Step 2: Create a new account and select: Business Account or free trial (you cannot get the customizable branded template for the free account).

Step 3: For your first time, make sure you are on a desktop computer – I personally think it is easier to see the big picture here. Once you get quicker and faster mobile is great too!

Click “Make a Video” in the upper right hand corner of the desktop.

Step 4: Skip “Media” for a second, and go down to “Editing Style” and select “Brand It

Step 5: Once you open up “Brand It” it will look like this:

Super easy – go ahead and customize with your unique font + brand colors.

Step 6: Now, you can go back up to “Media” and upload any footage you’d like. I personally LOVE to use the “stock library” because of our new partnership with Getty we house over 18 MILLION pieces of stock content – in both photo and video which is extremely useful for b-roll or those shots you just want to look a littttle more professional.

Step 7: Once you have all the footage you’d like uploaded (and don’t overthink it – better to add more at first for inspiration and go in and edit later) Go to “Music” and select the vibe you are feeling for your vid. Hit: “Finish” in the bottom lower corner.

It will open up a window to add your finishing touches – here you can insert your logo or business card. 

Step 8: From there hit “Create Preview” and our A.I. software with gather everything together to create a rough first draft of your video. After that, open up your storyboard (NOW THE FUN BEGINS!)

Step 9: Your storyboard will look something like this: 

Now drag in the order you’d like. Customize the length of your clips, and even add text + a call to action. Hit “Save and Preview” and let us do the rest!

Step 10: Once you get your video you can download or post directly to the social media platform of your choice. Then – REPEAT!

CONGRATS! You are now on your way to creating great brand marketing videos consistently. Hooray!

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